CloudCall Is A Sure Fire Bet For Betting Companies Who Need To Record Their Calls.

CloudCall Is A Sure Fire Bet For Betting Companies Who Need To Record Their Calls.

Brooklyn MD Phil Brooke talks about solving technical challenges at his Betting Business

As a busy Independent betting shop providing betting services to consumers across Lancashire we rely heavily on telephone bets which are a large part of our business, especially from regular customers. So recording our phone calls in order to safeguard ourselves when bets are placed is crucial.

We have three phone lines and the cost of on-premise call recording systems are too high for us to consider so we resorted to recording our calls using several tape recorders which were plugged into the three phone lines.

This antiquated system of recording calls has failed us several times, either because the units have stopped working or because the tapes have not been changed and important conversations were over-written.

We wanted the benefit of a professional call recording solution for our three telephone lines without the cost of an on-premise system.

We turned to SYNETY – pioneers of the on-demand phone call recording system.”

SYNETY CloudCall Record provided a powerful and flexible on-demand phone system with built in call recording and high quality DECT based phones that could be used anywhere in the shop.

Since CloudCall Record doesn’t require a phone system or call recording equipment to be installed, the setup was very simple.

The entire phone system was provisioned within a few minutes and installed, configured and running within 2 working days with a monthly service charge costing Brooklyn far less than an equivalent BT solution.

Now all incoming and outgoing calls from Brooklyn Leisure are recorded and these recordings can be accessed at any time so if a customer disputes a betting transaction we are able to provide audio back up – safe guarding our business.

SYNETY CloudCall Record can help many small businesses record their calls without a huge expense.

SYNETY, are a software and cloud services business specialising in developing, supplying and supporting advanced telecommunications technology, with a team consisting of business, technology and product people whose sole purpose is to make customers lives easier by providing innovative technology solutions.

The key industries in which SYNETYs’ services are undeniably crucial:

Financial Services

CloudCall Click and CloudCall Enterprise are necessary for telephone sales teams working within organisations such as those who deliver financial services or provide investment funds. This not only ensures performance, but also provides measurable statistics, call recording and call data.


SYNETY CloudCall offers recruitment companies significant improvement in call volume and performance. Providing an unquestionable competitive advantage, CloudCall Click gives recruiters the option to diarise calls, meetings and interviews digitally and securely on SYNETY’s secure CloudCall servers, diminishing the worry of the potential loss of information and allowing the simple viewing and editing of incorrect entries and errors in scheduling.

Other industry sectors using telecoms which SYNETY smarter communications can significantly improve are the Telemarketingand Legal industries.

In summary, Synety make the art of communications faster, easier and more rewarding.

If you found this post to be interesting or would like to know more about CloudCall commercial Call Recording for business, Hosted VOIP, or PBX Telephony feel free to contact Synety at

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