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After years of schooling and education, the completion of university signals only one thing; it’s time to get a real job. The job market can be a tough one in today’s world, as jobs are still not as readily available to meet the increasing demand from university graduates. However, there are certainly some industries that are worth being in and lead to valuable opportunities for the newly employed. Here are five industries you should be looking into for your new career after graduating.

College Graduates 5 Industries You Should be Looking Into for Your New Career

Mobile Applications

The increased technological power of smart phones and cellular devices has led to a booming industry in mobile applications. More and more apps are added to the Google Play, iTunes and Windows app stores each and every single day. The mobile application industry opens up a lot of job opportunities for recently graduated students. Even if you are unable to program, you can still find employment with app companies as they look to expand and reach more customers. Applications seem to be something that is here to stay for the time being, so a career getting involved in the industry would allow you to gather information that would be helpful in the future.

Computer Programming

Programming was slightly mentioned in the preceding paragraph, only because it needs to be considered as its own industry that offers potential for newly graduated students. Granted getting into a field where you are programming or working with computers is more likely if you have a degree specific to the industry. However, knowing how to program games, software, or even basic computer issues, will make you more marketing to companies you are showing your C.V.

Graphic Designer

As mobile applications, websites and software products become more popular for businesses online, there is more of a need for quality looking artwork for their webpage’s. If you have a knack for drawing, photography, or any other medium of art, than you can utilize this skill while working as a graphic designer for a company. The longevity of an artist can be debated, but while the market is hot, it’s a great industry to be in now.

Network Support

If you are good with setting up computers and troubleshooting issues with those that are less tech savvy, a network support administrator is a great job. These employees will setup computer networks for businesses (from installing internet or anti-virus protection, to fixing computers and helping with simple questions). These jobs are high in demand right now, especially because some situations require tech support to be in office, rather than something that can be outsourced.


If you aren’t tech savvy and don’t enjoy being stuck behind a computer all day, one of the best jobs for newly graduated students are jobs in field sales. Typically, newly graduated students are eager to work hard and have the energy to work around the clock. This shows for potential clients who are interested in buying whatever the person is selling. To find great sales jobs, you can look at websites like to find a product that you think you would be great at selling. For those that are good at it, the money and hours of a sales job are among some of the best in the market today.

Getting a job is part of growing up. And even though jobs change regularly, getting one after college is necessary to pay back loans and get yourself setup. Consider any of the industries on this list for great job opportunities and lasting careers.