Common Methods of Hair Removal

You can find many ways to remove unwanted hair from your body. Women have been removing hair off their faces, arms, legs and bikini area for many years.
These methods that we will discuss are not anything new but are greatly improved from their predecessors. Let us review the most common types of home hair removal remedies that can help you decide which might work the best for you.


In this process of hair removal, it involves applying a thin layer of warm wax to the skin in the portions of hair growth, then smoothening it over with a simple piece of cloth. Now as the wax continues to cools under room temperature it will start to adhere to both the hair and the cloth. While holding the skin tight, you will need to pull the linen off in one quick motion against the direction of the hair growth.

This method involves the removal of the hair from the root. This will leave the waxed area smooth for up to 8 weeks. This method can be used on almost any part of the body, including the upper lip, chin and brow area. Try out waxing in Hamilton or a city near you to get a smooth and clean skin.


When you shave, you cut the hair at the level of the skin with a sharp razor. You can find different types of razors on the market, including electric razors which can be used on both wet skin or dry skin. Generally, a gel or foam is applied to the skin area that is to be shaved, which makes the hairs to stand up, while providing a lubricated surface for the blades to glide on. These soapy substances also help in eliminating nicks and cuts to a certain level.

In this method, the razor only cuts the hair above the skin and not from the root. The shaven area does not stay smooth for very long period of time. Shaving can also be harsh for some skin types.


These types of creams when applied, breaks down the proteins within the strand of the hair to “break” it from just below skin level. The product is applied directly on clean dry skin, which should be free from any cuts and abrasions. It is important for you to remember to not rub the product in; rather it should be applied gently as an even layer over your skin. The time for these types of creams to work depends on the product manufacturer’s directions and the coarseness and thickness of your hair. After 4 minutes check the area to monitor the effectiveness of the product. You might have to leave it on for a little bit longer, but never exceed the recommended time limit. When your hairs start to come off give a gentle wipe with a damp washcloth and you can remove it. Try your nearest Hair Removal In Hamilton.

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