Comparing Wedding Caterers Before Hiring Them

Comparing Wedding Caterers Before Hiring Them

A wedding is a beautiful celebration of love and commitment. It is a special day where everything has to work like clockwork. Perfect. Not a spoon out of place or a crease on fabric. As far as catering goes, your choice of wedding caterer will determine the success of the event. An outstanding wedding caterer will be the difference between a blissful wedding and a total flop. This article is aimed at highlighting some basic things you should look out for when comparing wedding catering companies.

The wedding catering industry today isn’t what it was a couple of years ago. New trends have come up, clients have custom made ideas the caterer should be willing to take into consideration. People crave the perfect wedding and catering is one area that is always under keen scrutiny. So what should you look out for when comparing different caterers? Several factors as a matter of fact. Take a look below.

Responsiveness to your demands and needs:

Your wedding is your big day. You pretty much make all the rules on this important day. The perfect caterer should show elevated levels of response to the customers need and concerns. This is gauged by simple conversations with prospective caterers. Engaging a caterer on a personal level will give you a general indication of how the service is going to be like. Does the wedding caterer respond to phone calls? How long does it take to get a response on certain issues? A great caterer will not only have great food but will be able to deliver professional services in the most efficient way, devoid of any delays or unplanned hitches.

Experience handling wedding catering events:

The wedding catering industry is a booming business and you would expect a lot of interested parties wanting a share of the cake. In this regard, the level of experience of a particular caterer will depend on how long the said catering company has been in operation. You wouldn’t want to entrust your wedding’s catering affairs to a rookie now would you?

Flexibility of the menu:

Most caterers have standard menu options that prospective clients can choose from. There are instances when the client will want to tweak the menu a little bit. The perfect catering company will be responsive to this fact.

Availability of tastings:

You really can’t tell what a wedding caterer is capable of as far as food is concerned unless you actually get to taste the food. It should be standard procedure for the client to first and foremost be able to sample a taste of what the caterer has to offer. The main courses, desserts, beverages and what not.

In conclusion, it is advisable to run a checklist against prospective catering companies before settling on one. Have a variety to choose from and only settle for the best. The success of your event will depend on your choice of wedding caterer so take your time. Compare merits of one over the other and when you’re convinced, go ahead and entrust the wedding catering company with your wedding’s fate. Hope for the best.

Written by bleu events, one of the top caterers Columbia, MO has to offer.

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