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There are so many reasons why having a beautiful, healthy smile for life matters. We believe that a beautiful smile gives you confidence and raises your spirit. In order to have healthy teeth, a healthy diet is very crucial. But as you know that it is difficult to eat healthy especially in case of children. Children tend to eat sweets and chocolates which in the end can cause tooth decay. If your child is suffering from any tooth decay and pain, then don’t ignore these warnings at any cost. Any wrong step will make your child suffer for a lifetime. Therefore, Bright Smiles Dental has come up with the ismile child Dentistry in Wagga Wagga.

Know what are Crowns and Bridges in the Dental Industry

According to the Dental Industry, a crown is a cap that engulfs partial or the entire visible portion of a tooth. It is properly cemented in place and cannot be removed for daily cleaning. Crowns are typically contrived from metal or tooth-coloured ceramic or a combination of both materials.

Whereas, a bridge may be used to replace one or more teeth. Unlike a removable denture, this is cemented in place and can only be removed by a dentist. Bridges are reliant on the remaining natural teeth to which they are cemented. Like crowns, a bridge may be contrived from metal or tooth-coloured ceramic.

Crowns and Bridges placement procedure

The process for a crown or bridge will usually involve two visits. The dentist may require an X-Ray before starting to make sure that the remaining tooth structure is strong enough to support the crown. In some cases where the amount of tooth structure remaining is insufficient, a post may be required to increase support.

On the first visit, the dentist will reduce the size of the tooth to provide enough space for the crown material. If a post is required, this will also be prepared and cemented. An impression or mold of the tooth is then taken and if the ceramic is being used, a colour match is recorded so that the crown will blend in with your natural teeth. In most cases, a temporary crown will be made and cemented to prevent damage to the tooth in-between visits.

On the second visit which is usually one to two weeks later, the crown or bridge will be tried in by the dentist. Some adjustments may be required and when the dentist is satisfied with the seating, he will cement the bridge permanently.

Availability of top quality Crowns and Bridges

The best Crowns and Bridges in Wagga Wagga is available at Bright Smiles Dental. You can rely and have trust on us, as we deliver the best quality dental services for your loved ones. Moreover, we provide a complete family dental package so that all your family members get the best dental services at a lesser price. So, don’t ignore any signs of oral diseases and quickly dial our phone number for comprehensive dental assistance.

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