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People might not be aware this, but the price of car insurance is going up…shock horror!  An EU ruling from earlier this year means that the discount applied to female drivers in the UK is not fair, and they should pay the same as men. So typically, rather than reducing the cost of insurance for men, the price must go up for women. This comes into effect for policies starting in December 2012.

It doesn’t seem fair that women, who for decades have been statistically safer drivers than men must endure a hike in the cost of insurance. However, clearly the EU doesn’t think it’s fair to discriminate against men who believe that they are better drivers than women. The only solution seems to be to bring the prices into line, even if this does mean an increase in cost for women drivers.

However, there are some ideas which can be utilised in order to keep the costs of insurance down.
Check what is needed within the policy. For example, there is no point in adding on £35 for breakdown insurance when this is covered by a bank account, or because you have a new vehicle.

Consider the car usage. Is it really used for business purposes? If not, then adding this onto the premium only increases this. If in reality, the actual business mileage is minimal, or non-existent then do not take it out. Remember that travelling to work in the car is covered within the normal use of the vehicle.

At the same time, check whether the mileage estimate is in line with the car usage. If the cover says 10,000 miles per annum, but in reality the car travels 7,500 per annum, then tell the insurer. Please do not UNDER estimate what is used, as to do this can invalidate the policy.

A big cost which kicks into a car insurance policy is where the vehicle is kept overnight.  A side street in an urban area is usually not the best place to keep a car if a low insurance quote is required. 
Consider the risks of where the car is kept, and whether this risk would be acceptable to an individual.  If not, then it’s a risk that an insurance company is unlikely to take.

On road parking outside the home is usually acceptable.  As is a driveway or car parking space.
But there is nowhere safer to keep a vehicle overnight than underused garage.  Many homes have these, but they are often used to store junk and garden equipment.  Usually the car will not fit in due to the stuff trying to get out.  However if you put the car in the garage you’ll be amazed how much money you can save on your insurance.

Article written by Nicola Frogatt, electric garage door fitter.