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People are becoming more and more irritated with companies online wishing to secure their credit or debit card numbers before they get a chance to ask questions about a service or product. Then there are those companies who debit consumers’ cards each month without asking permission. Sometimes this happens when the consumer has paid the bills and has no funds available. What to do? Prepaid Visa cards can be loaded with just enough to satisfy these companies while doing no damage to the consumer’s bank account.

Control Your Finances Using Prepaid Cards

Kaiku offers prepaid cards for just this scenario. The consumer may load the card with whatever funds they wish. When the time of the month comes around for the card to be debited, there is no muss, no fuss. Consumers may check their balances by text if this is more convenient. They may even have an app on their iPhone, Blackberry or Android device with which to transfer money from their bank account. The card can be loaded using MoneyGram. There are no late fees to worry about and no minimum balance to keep up. Consumers may do an end run around companies docking their debit or credit cards each month and take back control of their finances.

Kaiku offers prepaid Visa cards for use at ATMs all over the country, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia and the UK. Applying is easy. Go to their website, apply and wait for the card to come in the mail. Load funds onto the card and enjoy yourself.