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Each city in India has a personality that is unique to it. Mumbai, the country’s financial hub and its biggest city is no different. The city is a vibrant place, the senses get assaulted with amazing sights, smells and sounds. There is nowhere quite like it on earth. Walking around the city is a great way to explore but if the heat rises, take a car and enjoy air conditioning. Mumbai is a fantastic place to visit so just  make sure you do these five things before you say good bye to this amazing megalopolis.

Marine Drive Chowpatty and Juhu Beaches

There is no better way to start exploring Mumbai than a quick visit to some of its most popular beaches – Marine Drive Chowpatty and Juhu. This is the place where you will bump into thousands of Mumbaikars on any day of the week. The stress of the city is calmed by a stroll along the beach and everyone does it. It is a people watching paradise. The food stalls on the beach are some of Mumbai’s famous street food, just follow the crowd for the most popular snacks.

Juhu Beach Sunset

Bazaars and Markets

You cannot leave Mumbai without having explored its countless bazaars and markets. The Chor Bazaar, in particular,  is a legend of a market. It sells everything – it is India’s premier flea market and many tourists love to go for a good snoop around. There are all kinds of finds lurking here and many a bargain can be had with some tricky haggling. It does not matter what sort of shopper you are, you will find something interesting to buy at these places. Keen photographers can get some great shots in the city’s markets

.Chor Bazaar

The Gateway of India and Heritage Buildings

The Gateway of India is  the most recognized  building  in Mumbai today. This gigantic monument was constructed to honor the visit of King and Queen of England in 1924. It stands proudly on the seafront and is always surrounded by locals and tourists.

Welcome to India

Chemould Art Gallery

Fantastic art is something that is not always associated with Mumbai but there is a thriving art scene . It was established many years ago and the Chemould Art gallery was a modernist gallery. Young talent based themselves in the gallery and they were called The Progressives. It’s a fantastic place to see really good modern art.

[ R ] Syed Haider Raza - Street (1922)

National Park and Caves

Mumbai is possibly the only metropolitan city in the world that has a national park within its city limits. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located in the suburb of Borivali, located some 40 km away from the city center. Elephanta Island is also a must visit place while you are on a visit to this great city. Whilst you are here you will see many Buddhist caves and volcanic rocks. Most of the caves present here are dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Rock sculpture


Bollywood is everywhere in Mumbai, it’s influence pops up all around the city. Bollywood is a huge industry in India and it even churns out more  films each year than any other film  industry in the world. To get a feel of Bollywood frenzy visit Film City in Goregaon or visit one of numerous cinema halls that dot Mumbai’s landscapes.

Bollywood at The High

Explore Mumbai and be prepared to be amazed!