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The classic image of a psychic reading is the customer and the clairvoyant or medium, facing each other across a table, sometimes holding hands, sometimes with a glass ball between them.

Times have changed, though, and that image is not really relevant today. Many people never meet their psychic reader in person as so many readings are conducted online. It’s also not that unusual for people to have joint readings with their partner as a way of analysing and working on their relationship.

At sites like, you’ll find that some of the readers specialise in love readings and this is a great place to find a reader who can help you work through any relationship issues.

Psychic Readings

All relationships have difficult patches. You shouldn’t fear the end if you are having problems, often these can be resolved through discussion. A joint reading allows for an environment where you and your partner can talk about any problems you may be facing but with a third party present, there is less likelihood of it descending from a discussion into an argument.

The objectiveness of a psychic will allow for free discussion between you, as the psychic won’t be on your side or your partner’s, but they could help you see how the other person may be feeling in light of what you have said. It’s not always to see the other person’s viewpoint when you’re ‘inside’ a relationship, and being given those insights by a third party may allow you to be more understanding of how your partner is feeling.

Psychics can allow you a bird’s eye view on your relationship and decisions you have already taken. The insights they offer can help you see what lies ahead unless you make changes. Psychics aren’t there to tell you what to do; they’re there to empower you to decide what to do with your life and your relationship.

You may be apprehensive about trying to improve your relationship with a joint psychic reading, but the fact that you’re considering it probably means it’s worth trying.