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Creating YouTube Business Videos That Get Noticed

YouTube allows businesses to reach customers in a way no other media or platform can. Video has the capacity to share information and incite action. However, not all videos posted to YouTube have the same impact. Only a portion of videos go viral counter to the desires of the multitudes of businesses posting content there.  To some extent what videos go viral is not just chance. There are in fact several actions a business can take which can influence whether a social media promotion goes viral.

First, the content shared should be unique. Further, it must be entertaining or educational in some way. In general, people want to share what they learn or are entertained by with their friends and family. However, with the demands on each person’s attention, the video can’t be the same thing the individual viewed or shared last week. Often a catchy tune and a unique perspective on an issue can be enough to satisfy this requirement.

Next, we all like to be considered to be in “the know.” This fact leads to this second factor which can influence the virility of a YouTube video. If your video gets noticed and mentioned by an individual with authority or following, the video gets a boost of interest. Further, individuals like to be aligned with other individuals who are seen as being popular or having status. Therefore, the video is also more likely to be shared by the general public who views it. An organization can use this general knowledge to ask influential customers or followers to view and video and comment. Although this strategy may not always lead to YouTube video success, it may increase the general viewing of your social media promotion.

Finally, videos which provide viewers a reason to take action such as sharing the video, ordering a product, or commenting on the video may be more likely to gain a viral status. When a video sufficiently captures a viewer’s attention to the point the individual takes action, he or she will likely have an enthusiasm which his or her friends will pick up on and may be more inclined to take a moment to see what a friend is sharing.  One way to foster an environment of action is to provide action steps at the end of the video that viewers can take. Often a way to achieve a certain level of action on the part of viewers or readers of an item is simply to ask them to take specific action(s).

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Chris Marentis,an expert in the field of local business marketing, is the founder of Surefire Social.

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