Creative Uses For Burnt Out Light Bulbs

Creative Uses For Burnt Out Light Bulbs

Light Bulb Crafts
What better way to recycle a burnt out light bulb than by re-using it? Many people are choosing to re-use light bulbs in unique and creative ways if they cannot recycle them properly. From aquariums to flower vases, and candles to salt and pepper shakers; people are finding endless clever uses a basic household item.

One of the most fun ways to use an old light bulb is for arts and crafts. With a bit of paint, black marker, and a few accessories you can create beautiful crafts with the family.

Try these fun and festive holiday decoration ideas using old light bulbs for Christmas, Halloween, and Easter.

Use water based paint to turn your old burnt out light bulbs into beautiful ornaments for your Christmas tree. Once the initial base dries, use acrylic paints to further decorate and create sparkling and colorful homemade ornaments. You can also use hot glue to attach fabric or other decorative accessories to create characters such as Santa or Frosty.

Many home owners like to jazz up their entire home for this fun holiday. Decorating your home for Halloween can get expensive. A creative way to make use of your old burnt out light bulbs is to use them as Halloween decorations. Spray paint the light bulbs with neon orange can of paint. Then paint Jack O’ Lantern face using black paint or black marker. Stick the bulbs into the ground or into a pot of dirt for a great budget way to spruce up your garden.

You can turn your old light bulbs into cute Easter bunnies you are your kids can enjoy. Paint the bulb with white acrylic paint using a sponge for easy application. Attach white felt as bunny ears using hot glue and draw a face with a black marker or paint.

You can also use light bulbs to make a garden decoration for a festive event or egg hunt. Paint the eggs with bright colors and patterns to mimic Easter egg decorations. You can place these “eggs” in flower pots to brighten up the look of your garden. A great tip to ease the painting and drying of light bulbs is to use empty baby food jars as bulb holders to allow the paint and other decorations to dry and set safely.

So hopefully next time a light bulb goes in your home, instead to tossing it in the trash you will find a cool way to reuse it. Enjoy!

Alex Jimenez is a creative crafter and professional blogger who writes here for light bulb retailer EU Lights.

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