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Many people choose carpet when they are looking for a flooring material when renovating their home. Carpet comes in a wide variety of colours, textures, patterns and price ranges. It is very comfortable and warm, can create a very welcoming feeling to a room and can even have a sound-proofing quality. It is a lovely feeling to wake up in the morning and sink your toes into soft cushy carpet rather than cold flooring.

When you are decorating your home with carpet, you don’t have to go for the old boring option of simply laying down a plain coloured carpet from wall to wall. There are many ways that you can use carpet creatively in your home décor and create a new and unique look. Here are some ideas that will really make your home stand out:

Using Carpet Tiles
Instead of using one full piece of carpet for the entire room, why not try using square or rectangular carpet tiles instead? This allows you to use tiles in different colours so that you can create your own unique pattern on the floor?

Carpet tiles also have another advantage: if one part of the carpet becomes stained or damaged all you need to do is lift up the square and replace it rather than replacing the entire carpet.

Area Rugs
Another option for using carpet is to employ area rugs, which can give a room a dramatic makeover. Area rugs are usually placed under furniture and they help to define areas of space within the room and create a visual focal point. They can also protect delicate flooring, such as hardwood, while still showing off its beauty.

Try using an area rug in a high traffic area such as a hallway or a living room to protect the floor and to add to the décor. Don’t be afraid to buy the rug first as your focal point, then theme the rest of the furniture around it.

Creative Carpets
Don’t be afraid to inject a little bit of playfulness and humour into your design with a creative and fun carpet design. There are many out there, such as area rugs that look like manhole covers, maps, piano keys or puzzle pieces or carpets for kids with hopscotch patterns, letters, numbers and fun graphics on them.

These are just a few ways that you can use carpets to make your home décor more attractive and fun.

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