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Using Crowd Barriers for Your Event

Crowd control barriers allow you to help control public gatherings where large numbers of people are present. With the different types of barriers that are available, you are able to keep crowds within designated areas. Knowing what type of barrier is right for your particular event or situation is vital to ensuring proper crowd control.

Types of Crowd Barriers

The type of crowd barrier that is needed, for a specific event, can be determined by the type of event that is being held. For large events, where thousands of people will be attending, a popular option is crowd barriers featuring wire mesh. These barriers are usually composed of heavy-duty steel, and ideal for controlling large crowds. Due to the way they are constructed, they can withstand large amounts of force that could be exerted by a large crowd. These are most commonly seen at concerts, protests, rallies and other places where rowdy behavior may be present.
Another type of popular crowd barrier are those used to rope off private areas or used in line control. The two most commonly used are retractable barriers and rope barriers. Retractable barriers feature a strap that can be expanded to the needed length. These are useful for ticket lines, shopping lines and anywhere there are calm groups of people that need to be held at a certain point. Another great feature of these types of barriers is the fact that they are easy to set up and transport.
Rope barriers are also known as stanchion barriers. These feature a heavier rope than what is used in retractable barriers and are a certain, per-determined length. These are popular for movie premiers, businesses and other high-class events. The rope is usually available in different colors, materials and lengths, which make them customizable for the type of event in question.
Crowd controlling barriers are available in all different materials, shapes and sizes. For events where the only need is to set limits, such as fairs, bazaars and festivals, plastic barriers are a great option. These barriers are light-weight and can be easily moved if needed. Also, these barriers are less expensive that the steel versions.

Importance of Choosing the Right Crowd Barrier

Choosing the right crowd barrier is essential for keeping control and order at any event. You should keep in mind factors such as crowd size, ease of use and how often you will need the barrier. Investing in heavy-duty steel barriers is a good idea if you host concerts, protests or other large events on a regular basis. However, if appearance is a factor, then rope barriers are the right option for you. There is no doubt that barriers are very useful and choosing the right one can ensure safety for everyone in attendance.

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