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The decision to end a marriage is one of the most challenging a person can face during the course of a lifetime. If you are facing divorce proceedings, including issues involving child custody, there are a number of tips to bear in mind to best handle and manage your case.

Custody Battles: 5 Tips On How To Handle Your Divorce Trial

Retain the Services of Skilled, Experienced Florida Divorce Lawyers

Perhaps nothing is more important when properly handling your divorce case and trial than retaining the services of experienced, tenacious Florida lawyers. If child custody is an issue in your case, you must make sure that you select a legal team, like the attorneys at Hackworth Law that have an extensive background in custody matters. Keep in mind that not all Florida family law lawyers have the same level of experience in addressing complicated custody issues in divorce proceedings.

Understand the Best Interests of a Child Standard

Another key tip in handling your divorce case is understanding the child custody standard in Florida. Florida courts utilize what is known as the best interest of a child standard in making custody decisions in divorce cases. The best interest of a child standard necessitates a review of the specific facts and circumstances of the parents and the child in a particular divorce proceeding.

A Florida judge considers a variety of factors in ascertaining what is in the best interests of a child in regard to child custody in a divorce case. These factors include which parent historically has provided primary care for a child as well as the general physical, mental, and emotional health of the parties and the child or children.

Do Not Pit Your Child Against the Other Parent

Divorce cases can be contentious matters. Emotions particularly flare when issues involving children are part of divorce proceedings. Children are put in the middle of divorcing parents in a surprising number of divorce cases. This conduct only serves to harm a child. Do not pit your child against your spouse.

Limit Communication with the Other Party

Once you have hired a lawyer in your divorce case, you reduce the need to have direct communication with your spouse. Ideally, you can remain on civil terms with your spouse. However, even the most “friendly” divorce cases can degrade to acrimony quickly. You best handle your divorce case by minimizing the direct communication you have with your spouse.

Organize Documents and Records

If you are preparing to file for divorce, take the time to organize documents and records you feel will be important to your case. When your attorney asks you to organize records or prepare documents necessary for the case, do not procrastinate to complete the assignment.