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Customer Engagement In Mobile-based Sales PlatformsKeeping up with the Technologies

Business owners have a lot to do every day to stay on the cutting edge of all the changes.  Mobile payment processing and credit card capabilities online have created a need for a whole slew of new things to remember and think about as a business owner.

But one of the things you cannot forget is the need for positive customer interaction and engagement during the sales process, as well as after the sale.

Customer Service is Still Job One

Recent studies have shown that the largest percentage of customers is lost due to lack of good customer service, rather than sub par products and services.  Since this is the case, the most important thing to do is to increase customer interaction.   Here is a list of 5 ways you can create more customer engagement on mobile platforms and increase your credibility when it comes to customer service at the same time:

Ways to Increase Customer Engagement on Mobile Platforms

1)  Get your Business on the Most Popular Social Media 

Your customers are on Facebook and Twitter talking about what they bought from YOUR store.  So it would be to your advantage to have some people on these media to field complaints or questions where the customers are.  Mobile media has allowed lightning fast responses.  If your business has people responding to customer service issues as they come up, it will greatly help the image of the company.

2) Offer Specials and Coupons for Frequent Buyers

Like the “frequent flyers” program, this is an effective means of increasing customer engagement and interest in your brand.  If you offer a way to reward frequent shoppers and also reward them for using the mobile media, they will repeat these actions. Another program you could try is a referral program, where customers are rewarded when they get others to try your brand as well.  This will create new customers for you, while also creating more engagement of loyal customers you already have and get them excited about your brand.

3) Have a Mobile App for your Business and Promote it

If don’t have one already,  you are missing out.  Most big companies and even some small ones have an app for their company.  If your staff does not have app developers on staff, hire one.  It is important to have a mobile version of your site so that it is friendly with the mobile platform.  Millions of shoppers each day are choosing to shop with their iPhones or other mobile gadgets, rather than on their desktops.  You have to be where the customers are to create engagement.  So make your site mobile friendly.  Also, have a way customers can provide feedback through this method or get help when they need it.

4) Have a Shopping Cart Solution that is User-friendly 

It is important to remember that one of the reasons customers are on mobile media to begin with is because it is fast and easy.  They just click a button and they are shopping, on the go, in their car, in a meeting…anytime.  Make sure your shopping cart solution makes it a no-brainer for the customer so they have fun with it and don’t have issues with your platform.

5) Have a Chat Agent Available 24/7 on your Mobile Site

This may cost a bit more, but many sites have the capability to chat live on site with an agent.  This may help engage the customer more with your company and troubleshoot any early problems they are having with the shopping cart or your business.  People like quick solutions w hen they have a problem.  A chat representative on site is a great way to accomplish this and make your company more accessible to customers.

Follow these tips for better levels of engagement and interaction of customers through mobile media.  If you go to where the customers are, and let them know you are there to make their lives easier, they will return again and again.

Cassie Lummus is an independent writer for Answering Service United. Their website helps small and medium sized businesses grow by finding the best answering service solutions.