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Yearbooks are one of the most important ways of keeping your high school memories down the line. The time that you spent with friends when you were young will become even more important as you get older and your life changes. College, career, marriage, and family, retirement — you will walk through them all and when you turn around and look back at your yearbook, you’ll be astonished at how far you have come from that girl or guy with the braces and old-fashioned hair. A yearbook is something that everyone cherishes, which is why creating one that is memorable and can be personalized is incredibly important.

Nowadays, it’s simple to create your very own yearbooks online with printing and publishing software companies who can tailor it to your specific needs and preferences.

By creating your own class yearbook, you can select your size, style, bindings, cover and much more. You’ll also have the option to customize entirely or go with a pre-made theme to enhance your pictures. Each page is printed with high-quality paper to create a look that will perfectly capture and represent the essence of your school and class.

Best of all, production times for yearbooks are only about fifteen days! Standard yearbooks usually come in a size of 8.5″ x 11,” made with smooth and long-lasting enamel and high-gloss stock paper that shows off each photo beautifully. With online yearbook design software, you’ll be able to place your pictures wherever you’d like and insert any text that you choose. The choices are limited only by your creativity, which is what makes customizing a yearbook online special.

You can select from hardcovers, softcovers, spirals, saddle stitch and more when it comes to the binding of your yearbook. You’ll even get to choose your paper style and color, whether you want an off-white shade or a rich, pearly white. Worried about pricing? Luckily, making your yearbook online gives you the choice of picking out what you’d like based on your budget. You’ll be able to see all of the prices beforehand and make selections based on what you can afford to spend.

Creating yearbooks online will make memories that will last a lifetime for you and all the other students. The customized final product will be something that strikes a chord with every member of the class, both at graduation and later in life. With unlimited selections and easy design software programs, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t utilize this easy and imaginative tool.

Jillian Johnson is a professional marketing content writer who blogs on a variety of subjects. Follow her @MissWritey.