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The disco ball has always been the symbol of a fantastic night spent dancing and partying and when this shimmering orb is hung in the centre of a dance floor the party seems to revolve around it as if it were a big silvery sun.

If you want to bring the party atmosphere to your jewellery as well, why not wear disco ball earrings? These are fun and stylish earrings which are round in shape and dangle from your ears like a couple of tiny disco balls. Some of these earrings are made with gemstones so that they sparkle and shine and others are made with reflective and translucent materials.

Disco ball earrings are a bold fashion statement, so how do you wear them? Here are some tips for making these fun and playful earrings look stylish:

  • Disco ball earrings which have a lot of sparkle to them will sometimes look out of place in the daytime, so save them for the evening when you want to dress things up. You could pair them with a pair of skinny jeans, killer heels and a sparkly top.
  • Everything goes with a little black dress, including disco ball earrings. Combine them with a sparkly necklace in a similar style and a shiny clutch to dress up your look for a night out. Choose a small necklace to balance out the size of the earrings, as a large one will simply overpower them.
  • If you are wearing large disco ball earrings, you should go for a voluminous and natural look with your hair as well to balance them out. Try setting it with natural flowing curls and teasing it to give it more volume.
  • If you can find coloured disco ball earrings, such as those in a translucent material, you can try wearing them with a top of a similar colour. Keep the rest of your accessories and clothes neutral so that the focus will be on the vibrant colour.
  • If you want to really show off your disco ball earrings, wear your hair up so that all eyes will be on them. You can twist it into a bun, a messy ponytail or an elaborate up-do. You can make the rest of your outfit monochrome so that the earrings will stand out.

These are just a few tips for wearing disco ball earrings, a small accessory which can really make a big impression.

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