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De-stress Your Life

Being chilled out and relaxed is not only good for your health, but also feels good. The relief of stress is a pretty easy going procedure that is more often than not enjoyable. Fortunately, there are numerous ways in which to relax and chill – here are some of our favourites.


You’ll often find that one of the main reasons you’re stressed is down to the simple fact you’ve been eating badly, drinking too much alcohol and smoking too many cigarettes. A good detox can be a great stress reliever for the body and really bring things back in line. Your body’s defences don’t enjoy being beat up and a detox can be a great way to get your body back on the straight and narrow. Of course, there are numerous ways to detox, but generally cutting out heavy, sugar and fat laden foods with loads of additives, drinking plenty of water and exercising can help you.


A bath is the perfect way to just lose those everyday stresses. The water, great products such as This Works Deep Calm Bath and Shower Oil and a nice lie down in the tepid water can offer the perfect solution for those suffering from too much stress. Bath oils such as This Works Deep Calm Bath and Shower Oil provide the smells, sensations and the nice feeling skin that helps you just de-stress and take things that bit easier.


One of the great things about exercise is that not only does it help you lose weight; it also helps you to feel good. A regular exercise regime can really help you in the battle to feel good as it releases all sorts of positive hormones such as serotonin and others. From a swim, to a run to even going for a walk. Getting out and about and pushing that blood around your body is the perfect way to banish the blues.

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Do something you Enjoy

Whether it’s read a book in the sun in the park, go to the cinema, or make model airplanes from match sticks, doing what you like is a great way to help your relax and just get on top of things. People often forget they’re not machines and push themselves that bit too far with work and the like. Doing the things you enjoy is the simplest way to feeling good and being that bit happier.


One of the great ways to relax is to get a massage. Getting the tension from out of those muscles is a great way to just chill out. Though it’s different from This Works Deep Calm Bath and Shower Oil, massage oil also comes with a range of smells and can really produce a long lasting happiness and really make for great relaxation.

So, whether it’s a massage, exercise, or a bath with This Works Deep Calm Bath and Shower Oil, being relaxed is a necessity for good health – don’t forget that.

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