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Dealing With a Dog Bite Claim

Often times, dog-bite issues don’t go to court since they can be easily settled with negotiations between the injured person and the dog owner. If you have been bitten by a dog, the first thing that you should consider is to contact the owner immediately. Write a letter about what happened. You should do this even if the owner already knew about the matter.

Getting Started

Include in your letter an itemized list of your expenses and mention a state or local dog bite law. Set a deadline for the payment and emphasize that if the owner doesn’t do something, you will be forced to file a small claim. You should also mention that their insurance can actually cover the expenses. But if you just have to go to the court, it’s best to opt small claims court especially if your losses are not that large.

Sample Situation

You were jogging then when you came across with a woman with her huge dog along with a friend of the woman. Logically, you took the route where you think is safe. But suddenly, the dog ran after you and bit you on your leg. The two women were not that strong enough to stop her dog. After she managed to calm her dog, the woman apologized and gave her number. After that, you went to the hospital and had several stitches. You are asked by your doctor to take some rest as the wound heals and this will leave you no choice at all but to leave your work for several days. That’s the time you realize that an apology is not enough to compensate your losses.

Look Up for the Law

You ought to know that there are actually a lot of laws dedicated to injuries caused by animals aside from the dog bite law that you may already know. With the advent of the internet, check out the local laws online and be aware of what you are entitled to. Aside from that, reading dog bite laws will also make you aware of the things that you need to prove such as that the dog bit you and that person who was holding the dog then was the real owner of the dog. You also need to prove that you were bitten in a public place and that you suffered a lot.

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As mentioned a while ago, you should inform the dog’s owner about your expenses such as hospital bills, doctor visits, days off work, medication and even your torn pants or shorts. But you should also take into account your suffering and pain the dog bite brought you. You set the amount and ask for compensation. But the woman doesn’t have any insurance so she suggested to pay initial amount and the rest shall be installments.

Filing the Case

You need to prepare everything necessary such as hospital bills, pharmacy bills and your boss’ statement documenting the time you were off to work. You, the dog owner as well as the owner’s friend must appear in the court. The witness should make a statement of what she had seen when the incident happened.

Whether there is only one dog bite law or a thousand of animal injury laws, the case can be easily settled if and only if everyone will cooperate. For that, you and the dog’s owner will never have to spend lengthy legal procedures. Thus, both parties will never have to spend a lot of effort, money and time to settle the case.

Article written by Zac Grace on behalf of David Marocchi.

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