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Vitamin D also known as “Sunshine Vitamin” is very important in the health of every human being as it boost the functioning of every organ system inside the body. Even though the body can acquired the nutrient naturally through sunshine still there are many people that suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and the sad truth is that it can affect the health of every individual in various ways. And one of this is DEPRESSION.
Depression Can Be Caused with Vitamin D Drawback
In spite of the fact that vitamin is very important in the physical of every individual the association between depression and Vitamin D deficiency still unclear.  In a study made in regards to this issue, in 44 people respondents found out that 800 IU of vitamin D3 improved the mood of the participants, the study made during winter season. In another study it was found out that the 100,000 IU of vitamin D2 can enhanced the scale of depression of the person suffer from SAD or seasonal affective disorder. However, despite of the following findings still there is no any significant research to clear the real connection between vitamin D and depression.

To further, vitamin D is very necessary as far as preserving our health and protection form diseases is all about, and it is already proven that one effective depression treatment approach is to have a proper maintenance of optimal blood vessels. Thus every individual are suggested to take 5,000 IU of daily dosage as recommends by the Vitamin D Council, however dosage will be altered until blood tests indicates.

One of the easy ways to increase Vitamin D intake is via direct sunlight exposure and it is beneficial for the brain serotonin improvement, which is proven effective to develop feelings of well-being.  According to research summer sunlight can improve the level of brain serotonin two times as compared to winter sunlight, thus there are some speculations though no clear proof that Vitamin can really treat depression.

To the individual who undergone light therapy for mild depression might try to use sun bed or ultraviolet light to enjoy the benefits of the light at the same increasing vitamin D. As well it is necessary to acquired sufficient calcium and magnesium in order to sustain the vitamin D absorption. Also these are excellent source of minerals for bone building and to help prevent osteoporosis.

To end with, it appears that vitamin D deficiency is linked to depression. Some research findings tell that those people who have vitamin D deficiency are most likely to suffer depression. As a matter of fact one way to improved depression symptoms is by taking vitamin D supplement. People suffer from seasonal affective disorder and other forms of mild depression are suggested to undergo light therapy. And to the individual with depression history is most likely to experience vitamin D deficiency and it may prevent and medicated through supplements and direct sunlight exposure.