Design And Durability: The Benefits Of Wrought Iron Doors And Gates

Design and Durability: The Benefits of Wrought iron Doors and Gates

Wrought iron is a sturdy alloy that contains small amounts of carbon compared to steel. Unlike cast iron, wrought iron isn’t brittle and won’t rust during extreme weather situations. It has been replacing steel because it can be melded into delicate and intricate shapes, perfect for home furnishings. If you’re thinking of replacing your old door or gate, you should consider the many benefits of wrought iron. The following are reasons why wrought iron will save you time and money in the long run.


Wrought iron does not wear out no matter how long its been standing. It can handle the extreme hot and cold weather without rusting up or melting. This saves you money since you’ll never have to replace it. Having a gate made out of wrought iron is extremely beneficial, since it is placed outdoors. Most gates made out of cast iron or steel will need to be cleaned at least once every two months, but wrought iron doesn’t need to be cleaned up as often.

Simple to Care for

Not only is it durable, it’s also extremely simple to spruced up. In the off chance of a wrought iron gate or door getting dirty, soap and water are the only two necessities needed. Just one quick rub down and it will go back to looking spotless and brand new. Wrought does not need any type of special cleaning product or polish, so this will also save your wallet.

Secure Latches

Wrought iron has secure hinges that make them more safe than other doors and gates. These heavy hinges don’t come undone under most circumstances and prevent homes from being broke into. Wrought iron doors in particular are usually 2 to 3 inches thick and extremely heavy. If the hinges ever feel loose, they can easily be held secure again by using a screwdriver.

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Pleasing Design

Most gates and doors featured in this type of iron have different design styles that cater to everyone. From country rustic to lavish Spanish inspired patterns, wrought iron makes a gate or door eye catching. Its look will enhance your home dramatically and will stand out against other homes in your neighborhood.

These reasons should be considered when its time to replace an old rusty gate or squeaky door. Wrought iron is the number one choice of material for a home that looks elegant, upkept, and comfortable.

Peter Wendt is an Austin, TX based freelance writer & home improvement design enthusiast who regularly rehabs 2 or 3 homes per year.  He writes about his renovation experiences and recently installed wrought iron doors and gates on a rehab project.

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