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Diet Pills: Do They Really Work?

People who are overweight or obese take diet pills for many reasons. Some want to lose weight fast, and for them, taking diet pills gives the assurance that they will lose the excess weight effectively and fast. Then there are those who, after much exercise and dieting, needs a little more help to reach the desired goal – the desired weight. However, a question needs to be answered first, and the question is: do diet pills really work? Do they? To know the answer, let us look into diet pills and how it works.

What Are Diet Pills?

Diet pills are weight loss drugs or medications which have been approved by the Federal Drug Administration or FDA (in the United States). These are weight loss drugs prescribed by medical doctors to help obese patients reduce and maintain a healthy weight.

There are two types of diet pills currently available in the market. One type is the appetite suppressants, and the other one is fat inhibitors.

Appetite Suppressants

As the name suggests, appetite suppressants suppresses the appetite. This means that the person or persons who take this type of diet pills will not feel hungry, will not want to eat, and that’s the primary reason he or she will lose weight.

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These pills are available in tablet form and there are also brands which come in capsules, specifically the extended release kind. Normally, the diet pill (appetite suppressant) is taken one hour before meals for it to take effect. Appetite suppressants are generally prescribed by medical doctors, but there are also diet pills that can also be bought over the counter.

Fat Inhibitor or Fat Absorption Inhibitor

For people who eat a lot of fried food, fat inhibitors will be the best diet pill for them. Fat inhibitors or fat absorption inhibitors works by blocking the fats from being absorbed by the body. Of course only a portion of the fats from the food is blocked from absorption, around 30%, because the body still needs fat to be healthy and in order to function efficiently.

Fat absorption inhibitors should be taken one hour before mealtime to maximize its effects. The rule when taking fat absorption inhibitor is simple – if the food to be consumed is fat laden then a pill should be taken. If the food is okay, meaning it does not have too much fat, for example if the food is broiled, steamed, or baked, then there’s no need to take the fat absorption inhibitor pill. One well-known disadvantage with this type of diet pill is that the fat can come out of the body anytime, hence the need to be extra careful. Some people who are using this type of diet pills are known to use diapers “in case of emergency” … if you know what it means.

Do These Pills Really Work?

They do work, but only when the person taking them do more than just “pop the pills”. Regular exercise must be done, or an increase in physical activity is also required in addition to taking the diet pills. The diet must also be improved – more fruits and vegetables and less on fattening foods!

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