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Most of us would be surprised to know about home nursing and personal care facility. All the questions that you have when it comes to home nursing and personal care facility will be covered completely in this very interesting article that you’re going to come across. Here in this article we are going to help you to know about the real difference between the home nursing and personal care facility in Brisbane. These two facilities have been quite more similar and different for over the past 15 years with the well assisted facility of living by giving a place for residents with psychiatric, physical and cognitive problems. Around 1.3 million adults in Brisbane live in over 16, 000 professional nursing and personal care facility when there is about 36,000 licensed home nursing and personal care facility in Brisbane with more than 1 million beds.


Major difference between the home nursing and personal care facility in Brisbane

Home nursing is much and more important for people who are suffering from physical or mental or multiple medical problems as they need some to take care of them by providing all the facilities that they need. In home nursing only a quarter of people will be able to walk while there are nearly 2 to 3 rd of people who will not be able to walk to without the help of anyone’s assistance.

Personal care facility is highly suited for people with high levels of independence and functioning to live and by benefiting them with activities like exercise, health and social activity programs. The main aim of personal care facility is to offer residents with a higher and different level of choice like making them feel as if like living in a home environment.

Source and costs of payment

As the home nursing facility is a 24 hour caring facility, it remains to be most expensive choice for a long term care with the fees costing around 100,000$ per year. Through Medicaid programs most of the cost is being covered by contributing to many fiscal crises in the city.

Issues of regulation and staffing

Home nursing facility is regulated by the federal government while the personal care living facility is regulated by the Brisbane State. A half of 50 state residents have updated to personal care facility since 2008. And the annual turnover of staff in both the setting remains to be very high. Most of the residents living in a personal care facility take care of the financial resources, even though they’re 41 states that offer a fee waiver program for the residents from low income living.

Management of medical facility

In home nursing medications are taken care by the administrative nurses and in a personal care facility the things look to be murkier. In personal care facility residents who are being suffering from diabetes or pain conditions during the recurring stage of narcotics will not be offered medications.


When it comes to dementia, both the home nursing and personal care living facility have very high rate with 2 to 3 rd of residents with cognitive problems or dementia. While there are almost 61% of residents in home nursing in moderate or either severe stage of dementia, when there’s only 41% in personal care living facility. Due to the high rates of dementia many of the personal care facilities in Brisbane have started to enhance their facilities.