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Whether you are taking part in a custom build or just doing some home renovations, the type of exterior door you choose says a lot.  It is one of the first things people will see when they look at your house, and it will help shape perceptions about you.

The days of just throwing up a solid wood door are long gone, as you have several different materials and styles to choose from.  Here are a few of the most common types of exterior doors.

Even though doors have evolved from only being wood, you can still find yourself a nice exterior door made of wood.  Using wood for your exterior doors adds a sense of tradition and gives a classic look to the front of your house.

You can vary the color, the type of wood and the grain to suit the rest of the house and your design preferences.  Wood doors are usually quite a bit heavier than many modern doors, and can enhance your sense of security.  It’s a good idea to use wood exterior doors that will be covered by a screen door to help shield it from the elements.

Steel doors are used more often than wood in modern construction.  Most have foam core insulation that increases the energy efficiency of the home.  You can place a steel exterior door by itself and it will withstand poor weather better than wood.

In fact, a steel exterior door should last for many years, without really showing any signs of age.  You can paint your steel door to match the design and colors of the rest of the house.  They usually work well with any type of modern house.

Fiberglass is another popular option when it comes to exterior doors.  They kind of combine the qualities of wood and steel into one.  Fiberglass doors are strong and energy efficient, but also resemble the grainy texture of wood when you paint them or stain them.

Generally, a fiberglass door won’t change in any way from exposure to weather.  It will resist rust, cracking, mold and warping throughout its life span.

Whichever type of exterior door you choose, look for one that matches both the style and color theme of your house.  This means you’ll have to take a look at the siding and windows to make sure everything works well with each other.

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