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Whether you’re planning for a family, working from home or are simply in need of another room or two, most of us would relish the chance to create a little more room at home. With the housing market looking worse than it has for some time, many of us are looking for ways to get more from our existing homes, rather than selling up and simply moving somewhere larger. Here, we take a look at your options to get the most from the space available to you.

Extending the structure
If you’re lucky enough to have an ample amount of outside space, building an extension could be well worth the investment. The addition of an extra room or two can add significant value to a property, often paying for itself when the time comes for owners to sell.

It is, however, worth considering the impact that this will have on your outside space. Even if you are not one for the outdoors, you may find that encroaching on your garden could deter prospective buyers a few years down the line – not to mention making those summer barbeques a little more cramped than cosy.

An interesting compromise which provides an extra room without taking too much away from your outside space is the addition of a conservatory. Creating a comfortable lounging space can help free up existing room within your home and these structures are perfect for those who plan to entertain during the summer months.

For those who want to make the most of the limited sunshine we receive in the UK, an all glass conservatory fitted with double glazing is the best option. These let plenty of light into your home whilst retaining maximum energy efficiency and high levels of security.

Additional height
For those living in a bungalow, it is often possible simply to add a room to the top of your home. If you find you lack space at home, ensuring symmetry between the downstairs and upstairs is absolutely crucial. Not only is this likely to cost considerably less than a full scale extension but it will also allow you to keep hold of your precious outside space.

For those living in a two storey house, loft conversions or the addition of an extra level can be a viable option but you may need to seek planning permission before you can begin the renovation.

Converting unused rooms

Any space inside your home that is not being used on a regular basis is being wasted. Far cheaper than undergoing major building work on your home is a simple loft conversion. It doesn’t take much to turn a derelict loft space into a pleasurable living environment and the installation of dormer windows in the roof can make this an ideal living space.

If it is not more rooms but larger ones that you need, it takes a surprisingly small amount of work to knock through walls to unite adjacent spaces. Whether you are combining two smaller bedrooms into one larger room or knocking through to create an open plan kitchen and dining area, you are sure to see a huge difference in the space you have in your home.

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