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The ever-evolving world of online technology has paved the way for many new job opportunities in a variety of different fields.

The best way to get a slice of the action is to have your own website. If you are not sure how to get started, can help – while we give you a little insight into digital careers in new media.

What is ‘new media’?

It is a term, which broadly refers to the many ways of communicating electronically through computer technology via the Internet. Main examples of new media include websites, e-mail, chat rooms and video games etc.


This is opposed to old media such as print newspapers, magazines and books – as well as television.

Is a digital career for you?

New media has not only revolutionised business, but it has also changed the way we communicate and opened up many doors to professionals which didn’t exist years ago.

If you are looking for a change, why not use your skills and see if they are transferable to a role in new media? Chances are they will be.

Whether you are looking for a purely digital media role, or would like to use the Internet as a tool to expand on something, which you already do – there’s room for you.

If it’s the latter – you could be a French teacher looking to tutor online, a writer looking to start a blog or online magazine, a sales executive wanting to become an online marketing consultant – or maybe even a carpenter interested in establishing a how-to and advice website. The options and opportunities are endless.

Digital media jobs

Aside from the examples already given, there is an ever-expanding catalogue of job roles in new media, which await you. It just depends on your qualifications, skills and experience.

Could you be one of the following?

  • Website designer

This involves designing web pages by following a brief given by a customer. A website designer will need to use their imagination as they consider the layout and how they will use content, including text and images, to achieve the desired end-product. To do this, they use web design software and other resources.

  • Project management

Digital projects need to be managed just like others do. Vital skills include being able to manage well and great organisation.

  • Social media executive

Proposing new social media strategies for the likes of Facebook and Twitter are an essential element of this role. Other aspects include developing and running campaigns through social networking sites to increase communications and business/organisation visibility.

These are just a few examples of the many digital careers in the world of new media.

Is it for you?

Whether you fancy a fully-fledged digital career in new media, or would like to expand what you already do and dabble in it just a little, there’s no doubting it is vital to get involved so you don’t get left behind.

So much more is accessible to you thanks to the Internet. It is something you should definitely be taking advantage of.