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A career in marketing amuses many people who want to make a lucrative shift in their career path. Marketing is one field that is everlasting and is growing day by day. All those who think that they are people’s person are the natural marketers. Unlike technical education such as IT, engineering or even health specialist, marketing career does not always require professional degree. It’s your interpersonal skills that need a little boost to make you a successful marketer. All you need is to have some basic knowledge about differentiating products from each other, conducting some research about competitors, branding a product and of course advertizing.


Once you have completed your marketing course, a number of options open up for you. Depending upon your personal strengths, you can opt to be a researcher, brand developer or manager, advertiser or coordinator of marketing activities. Skills that are prerequisite for all these roles are being diligent, assertive and polite to people. If you know how to handle customers you can sell anything anywhere. Strong communications skills and PR skills are your key to success in marketing field. Remember, marketing is all about developing and maintaining relationship with new and existing clients.

Once you have completed your initial base line courses, it’s time for you to know which field you specialize in, which products are close to your heart and what you enjoy selling the most. Once you know your niche, start sending your resume to the companies operating in this niche. You may like to work with a fashion house or detergent manufacturers. The choice is all yours. The best way of applying is to send a design along with your resume to explain how you perceive their product and what can you do for them.

Remember, marketing is one field that can lead you to any company. All medium and large sized companies have their marketing department and they all welcome talented and creative individuals. Make a list of companies that you want to target. Make phone calls and inquire about job openings. As you are new to the industry, starting on an entry-level job can provide you hands-on experience and can hone your skills. Once your portfolio has few achievements, move onto to another venture. It’s very important to have experience of diversified companies. Remember, each new task will teach you something. You can even enroll in advanced online courses of diploma of marketing to learn advanced techniques and secure yourself a middle management position in a good company. Keep your skills updated, monitor the market well and understand the trends. Maintain your edge by learning new technologies, researching online, attending seminars and workshops and being part of the discussion forums.

Marketing is all about your dealing with people, undertaking their needs and selling accordingly. The more you interact with people in the industry, close will be a success. Keep a blend of modern and contemporary skills and do not let any opportunity flow down untapped. The corporate world is waiting for talented and enthusiastic people like you.

Toni Meadows is a retired Business professor who now blogs about education and it’s importance in society. He has visited several colleges in Melbourne and has written his observations on business courses and opinions about each one.