DIY: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies For Your Home

DIY: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies For Your Home

As time passes, people are becoming increasingly more concerned with the environment and their impact on it. They have also become more aware of the products they purchase, use and consume. One such area that is nad has been scrutinized is that of household cleaning products. People seek alternatives to the harsh chemicals that are used in regular everyday products.

As a result of this, countless “green” cleaning products have sprung up. But as with most new things, the price is often too high for many people to switch entirely to these more eco-friendly cleaning solutions. So as a result of that, there are those who have turned to creating their own cleaning solutions that are kind to both the earth, and the bank.

The Do-It-All Natural Cleaning Options List
The greatest thing about this list is it’s short and sweet. Nothing special is required, and every aspect of your home can be cleaned with just a few ingredients properly mixed together. The list consists of:

-Baking Soda: Quite literally the Jack of all Trades for natural cleaning products. Many people use it to naturally whiten their teeth as well. But for cleaning a home, it useful for freshening carpets and refrigerators, but it’s also great for cleaning kitchen and bathroom grime.

-Natural Oils: The list of potential natural oils that can be used is vast. Generally these are used for either polishing wood, or it can be added to provide a pleasant fragrance to other cleaning combinations. To give you an idea, here is a list of common natural oils that can be used:

            –Balsam          -Cumin           -Lavender      -Pine

            –Basil               -Cypress         -Lemon        -Red Cedar

            –Cannabis       -Eucalyptus    -Mandarin          -Rose

            ­-Carrot            -Fennel Seed  -Melissa          -Rosemary

-Chamomile      -Fir               -Mustard        -Rosewood

-Cinnamon     -Ginger           -Myrrh            -Sage

-Clove Leaf     -Grapefruit     -Orange          -Spearmint

-Coffee            -Horseradish  -Oregano        -Spruce

-Caraway        -Jasmine         -Parsley         -Tangerine

-Cranberry     -Juniper          -Peppermint      -Turmeric

-Vinegar: Vinegar is used well to protect wooden furniture, and to polish as well. If you want furniture in your home to shine and appear healthy with a  deep sheen, than a little vinegar will go a long way.

-Club Soda:  Club soda is useful for on small spots and stains on clothing, upholsteries and carpets, its carbonation also helps to break up tough dirt and grime in the kitchen and bathroom.

A Few Cleaning Solution Recipes
Carpet- Sprinkling a little baking soda and letting it sit prior to vacuuming will freshen your carpet up just right.

Stovetop Spills- Mix a little water with baking soda and you will create a paste which can cut through the toughest grime on your stove top, no matter how old or caked on. You allow it to sit for a bit so it can penetrate and break it apart, then wipe clean.

Toilet Grime- Mix a little vinegar with baking soda and let it stand on the stains, grime and mess on a toilet. Come back a few minutes later and it will be significantly easier to clean up. The vinegar will also add the clean sheen that is common with most toilet cleaners.

Wood Furniture/Floors- If you mix a teaspoon of your favorite natural oil and half a cup of vinegar with maybe a little lemon juice, you will create a wood polish that will give your furniture the healthy glow that is desired.

Windows- Add two cups of water and four tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice to a spray bottle, shake well, and you will create a window cleaner that will be streak free.

Carpet/Upholstery Stains- Spray club soda onto stains and dab at the spot, do not wipe away. Wiping causes a smear to appear rather than “picking up” the stain. The sodas carbonation helps to break apart the stain and allow it to be lifted up.

You should now have in your arsenal, enough natural cleaning supplies to tackle the most difficult cleaning jobs in your home. You can also be happy knowing that it is friendly to the earth, kind on your pocket, and harmless to people and pets. Its also going to irritate the cleaner less in the process, no more having to inhale harmful and nauseating fumes. Try out different natural oils to see if you can create a scent that is unique and pleasant to your senses for different cleansers, you may be pleasantly surprised to see what you find.

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