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It happens to the vehicles of many people from time to time: an odious odor of indeterminate provenance rears its ugly head and it is as stubborn as the day is long. Try as one might, but the foul smell simply won’t abate. It’s true that there are few things that can ruin a commute or leisurely weekend drive quicker than this type of scenario, but the good news is that there is almost always a solution. And these solutions are usually of the DIY nature.

So in the interests of eradicating hard-to-kill car smells everywhere, here are some tips the average person can implement to take care of the problem once and for all.

Vacuum Cleaning

A good hand vac can be a powerful ally in the war against mysterious odors – especially those in vehicles. This is because many hand vacs are small enough that they can get to those hard-to-reach crevices and corners. And this is important, because many smells like to hide in these secret places. That means the car owner is going to need to roll up his or her shirtsleeves and cover every inch of fabric inside the vehicle. And a good upholstery attachment will be required to complete this task.

Baking Soda

Oftentimes even mysterious car odor can be traced back to a liquid spill or a food stain. And the best way to handle car odor caused by food and liquids is the same way to handle refrigerator odor caused by food and liquids: with baking soda. The most effective way to kill the smell is to first locate the stain and clean it and cover it with a coating of baking soda. Then, leave it to set for a few hours and use a hand vac to clean up the area.

Natural air Fresheners

Dangling Christmas-tree-shaped air fresheners are good for little else than a tacky mirror ornament, and they certainly won’t help in the removal of tough smells. Instead, car owners may want to take a natural approach and dip cotton balls into vanilla extract, place them in a cup, and then place the cup on the dash. This is a strong and inexpensive way to combat car odor.


Those who have had little luck with the above options may want to bring out the big gun: charcoal. Charcoal is a high-octane smell absorber, as evidenced by its use in many water and air filters. To use this item effectively in a vehicle, all owners need to do is place one piece of BBQ charcoal in a cup and set it in their car for a few days until the whole thing regains that fresh and new smell.

Cigarette Odor Treatment

Both smokers and non-smokers alike understand just how stubborn cigarette smells can be – especially in a car. Those who want to remove these smells from their vehicles need to first clean the upholstery (where the odor resides) thoroughly and then open the hood and spray deodorizer into the air intake valve.

By following the tips listed above, car owners everywhere should be able to remove most smells without incident and in a relatively short amount of time.