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Whenever you go out you might notice that people seem to be more label conscious with the clothes they wear. It seems almost as if people are attaching their self-worth to the label that is on the back of their jeans, the back of their shirts, and even the label that is on their shoes. People these days feel like if they are not wearing clothes that are expensive, and from well-known brands, it is going to make them looks significantly less desirable in the eyes of others. Why do people think this way though?

We have to put some of the blame on television. Whenever you watch television shows you notice that the people always have on top-of-the-line designer clothes. If you add to this the fact that all of them are usually very attractive and have perfect bodies, this only adds to the insecurity. People who do not have perfect bodies or who are not that attractive feel that the best way to make up the difference is to wear expensive clothes. Expensive brand names become like a status symbol, an indicator of value. After all, expensive brand-names cost money.

Seeing as how expensive name brands cost a lot of money, then possessing them is an indicator that you were able to afford them. Never mind the fact that you might have used credit in order to purchase them, or you may have neglected some other responsibility in order to purchase them. The reality is that people are putting more value into name brands then what they deserve. If people looked at the base value of clothing rather than the label on them they would be able to get a lot more for their money and still get top-quality.

But what is the base value of clothing? The goal is to look nice and stylish. The goal is to be neat and clean. The goal is to wear clothes that have been well-made, have good craftsmanship, and are made using quality materials that are going to hold up for a long time. Of course all of this would depend on how well the owner took care of them. Whenever you attach a brand name label to clothes, the value is artificially inflated and this creates an illusion of there being more value than what they’re really is.

What you want to do is go to stores that offer clothes at a moderate price. You want to find clothes that are just as attractive as what you would find with the expensive brands, that are a fraction of the cost. Trust me when I tell you that name brands are overrated. Expensive namebrand clothes are usually made in the same places overseas that less expensive clothes are. If you ever take a look at the materials of an expensive pair of clothes versus a less expensive pair, you will see very little difference.

The only difference is usually in the craftsmanship, meaning how well the clothes might fit. This is why you never want to go too cheap, but you do not have to overspend. Another reason why expensive clothes cost as much as they do is because a lot of marketing and advertising goes into them. The goal is to create an image, an image you feel you are going to be connected to it if you were to wear the brand.

Think of Ralph Lauren Polo shirts for example. These shirts tend to cost about $90. You can get a polo shirt of excellent quality and craftsmanship from a store like Old Navy for less than $25. This is a difference of $65.

Expensive namebrand clothes do not have to define who you are. As long as you are clean, neat, and stylish that is all that matters.

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Nina Edwards loves her fashion. When she’s not writing about it she currently works for a supplying oska clothing and various other brands.