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Do People Still Fall For Infomercials? Seriously?

Over the years, infomercials have transformed from being really long advertisements into a downright mockery. I am always amazed by how stupid infomercials have to be in order to sell a product, and I’m even more astounded to think that people actually fall for the stupid things. Every infomercial may seem different, but they all follow the same basic pattern of events, one that I suppose brings about profit in the long run. This all just blows my mind.

Here are some of the staggering things that I have seen people doing in modern day infomercials:

  • A woman can’t paint a wall because the brush is just too drippy and time consuming
  • A man hurts his back because he sat down with a full wallet
  • A woman struggles to read a flammable book with an itty bitty match because her lightless closet is the only place she likes to read
  • A man cannot possibly wash his hands because the soap is not automatically dispensed for him
  • A woman cannot find the one plastic container she needs because she has a pile of them so high that they overflow through the cabinet doors

The list goes on and on, but that is the kind of exaggeration that the advertising world is trying to feed all of us. Why? Because I guess consumers are dumb enough to fall for the trickery. They find themselves agreeing with the most absurd of statements, and then they end up paying $19.95 for a product they don’t need and won’t use more than the first day. That is crazy to me.

On top of the exaggerations in infomercials, I am staggered by the different kinds of products that people try to sell in them. Take, for instance, the TV Hat, which is a hat that you’re supposed to use for holding your iPod. You can put the iPod on a flap that comes down from the bill, and then you can watch movies “in private” while still being in public settings. The problem is that the hat literally makes you look like the birth-child of a duck and beekeeper one night stand. The thing is ridiculous, and it is one of many.

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If you have found yourself dialing 1-800… to buy something you didn’t need before the information, just leave the phone alone. I cannot tell you how important it is to avoid these kinds of purchases because they’ll suck you in every time. Can you honestly see yourself using a Pocket Chair, a Potty Putter, an Ab Belt, or anything else along those lines? I didn’t think so.

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