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Do You Believe in Mattress Reincarnation?

Once we use the same mattress for about 10 years or even less, we usually decide to swap it for a new one. It gets dirty, worn out and, simply, not as good as it was when you first lay on it long time ago. In the minds of most people, the next logical step is to throw the mattress away and install the new one once it gets delivered to you. However, rarely do we think about the effects of throwing something as gigantic as a mattress outside of our home. It takes up huge amount of landfill space, it takes forever to decompose and it releases various pollutants as it rots. There’s just got to be a better way for your mattress to go on after you lose your interest for it. Well, there is and it is called mattress recycling.

All good mattresses should get reincarnated rather than rot in landfill hellholes. In fact, a mattress is made of steel, polyurethane foam and wood. All these materials are completely renewable, which is a great fact to know. Moreover, taking the entire mattress apart will take less than 15 minutes away from you, giving you at least three sets of completely recyclable materials.

Therefore, there is a bright future waiting for your old mattress, even though it requires a certain sacrifice. Mattress recyclers can reuse up to 90% of every mattress. Therefore, you can sleep peacefully in your new bed, knowing that your old mattress is saving the world even though it no longer serves the same cause it did.

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Amazingly, the cotton fiber from recycled mattresses gets mixed with the wood fiber and takes the form of diesel engine fuel filters. At the same time, the polyurethane foam that once helped you sleep like a baby becomes the soft layer that stands between a carpet and the floor. As for those worn out and deformed steel springs that poked you once your mattress lost its charm – they usually get melted and shaped into anything else made of this metal. Finally, the wood from the mattress frame can become anything from animal bedding, over biomass and all the way to burning fuel. Therefore, the memory of your old mattress remains present in the veins of the world that makes use of its seemingly unusable materials, giving it a new purpose and new life as an essential part of the planet’s existence.

So, next time you decide to buy a mattress, make sure you choose the nature-friendly alternatives, made of biofoam, free of chemicals and pollutants. Owning such a mattress makes you nature-friendly as well. When this mattress reaches its retirement day, contact the nearest mattress recyclers and see whether they can make good use of it. Do not throw it away and leave it somewhere to spend the eternity unwanted and alone. Rather, help it remain present in the world, completing the circle of life at least twice, saving energy and resources at the same time.

Article provided by Renewable Energy Corp mattress recycling company from  Australia

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