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Having a dog that needs a great deal of attention can be a positive thing if you enjoy playing and walking with him every day. He’ll want to please you and spend as much time with you as he can; he’ll greet you at the end of the day and expect you to take the time to make him feel loved and adored. You’ll want him to have the right type of behaviour, and, if he’s intelligent, he’ll know just how to get your attention.

Are His Attention Needs Excessive?

Dogs are very smart creatures, and yours will learn quickly how to get your attention. He may bark, jump, paw on you, and even become aggressive if he doesn’t get a pat on the head from you. If you’re reinforcing this bad behaviour, you can count on it to continue unless you make some adjustments in your own behaviour. He may chew up shoes, furniture, and linens if he doesn’t get his way, but, again, you must not reward him by giving him attention when he is bad.

Does Your Dog Need Lots Of Attention?

Basic Training Is a Must

Your dog should know how to respond to “sit,” “stay,” “heel,” and “down,” even if he doesn’t know any other commands. You should require him to sit before he gets any treat and to display restraint around guests in your home. Working with him and rewarding consistent good behaviour is being a responsible dog owner.

Make Sure He Gets Enough Exercise

Dogs love to run and play outside, but if the weather is bad, you should make sure that he gets some much-needed inside exercise as well. Each day, play fetch with him, take him on some walks, and let him stretch his legs in the garden. This will help to control much of the excess energy that he builds up when he has to stay inside whilst you’re at work. Giving him regular attention by rubbing, patting, and speaking to him will also do a great deal to alleviate some of the bad behaviour that he sometimes exhibits. Keep him moving for his own health, and you should move right along with him to improve your relationship with him as well as your own health.

Does Your Dog Need Lots Of Attention?

Besides caring for him with the proper amount of food and water and furnishing him with a comfortable bed, you should give him treats when he’s been a good boy. There are a plethora of treats available on the market that will improve the health of his teeth and gums and occupy him during the evening. You can also go to websites like, where you’ll find a myriad of dog toys that you can both enjoy during playtime. You’ll want durable toys made of quality materials that will stand up to the wear and tear of his teeth and paws.

Your dog loves attention; in fact, he thrives upon your return home each evening so he can spend time with you and have fun. Make sure you give him plenty of the right type of attention so he’ll be a good pet to have around.