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Installing mirrors in almost every room makes sense, but sometimes it is better to have mirrors as a wall surface to make smaller areas feel larger. These are usually included in businesses where people sit closely together to give the illusion that everyone is spread apart more. However, this can somewhat ruin certain atmospheres because something a little extra must be included rather than only focusing on making an area feel larger.

Sectioning Off Large Mirrors

The first way of doing this is sectioning off the large wall mirrors. This method would make the surface of the wall visible so certain colors can be included along with pictures and frames that can really add to the décor of the place. This also makes the environment more interesting to look at since the mirrors will reflect the style of these wall pieces the most and further carry it throughout the entirety of the shop. Another good idea is to only install mirrors on the walls that are parallel to each other so a large portion can be used for decoration, which feels much more natural than using too many mirrors. Typically, these setups work best in all but the smallest of public areas; they can work in places like small gyms, apartment complexes, and companies that have small areas to shop in.

Another good idea is to simply include extra large oval wall mirrors instead of putting large slates of mirrors on the walls. Including many of these can work, but often it is best to have larger ones sporadically throughout the area. Using oval mirrors both vertically and horizontally can look great as well, but the style of the frame should be able to support horizontal placement since most are designed for vertical mounting. This assortment of types makes an area feel large, especially when the horizontally placed ones are at eye level of the customer.

Installing the Mirrors

Finally, installing mirrors throughout the entirety of the wall space can work great, but other unique things can be added with careful planning. Drilling out holes to mount pictures and other types of décor throughout the wall areas can make for some interesting contrasts to the mirror walls. Mirrors can be very boring without something interesting to reflect, and providing these solid material pieces throughout the area can really add something unique that cannot be found elsewhere.

Rotating mirrors in as décor can really make an area continue to look interesting without having to make a purchase every time the redesign is done. Given that mirrors make an environment change drastically, taking them out may not look much different but customers will feel very different. This can also be a good way to keep security in check since it makes it easier to look around the store in obscure locations.

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