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Domestic Appliances And Competition For The Green Dollar

With the market for home appliances inundated with companies trying to self-differentiate with green focused advertising, it’s becoming difficult for manufacturers to set themselves apart without making huge investments in Research and Development into competitors. This of course favours the larger firms, which profit from greater revenue. Bosch is a great example of a home appliance manufacturer which has become a market leader, thanks to its innovation in the domain of environmentally friendly domestic devices. Below we take a look at three examples for Bosche’s home appliance range and the green technology they have used to set them apart from their competitors.

Bosch Logixx 8 Washing Machine
This device is fitted with Bosch EcoSilence Drive™ technology, a leap forward in the development of ecologically aware appliances. The washer motor is now powered by means of an array of permanent magnets. This negates the necessity of an electricity source, instantly cutting the running costs. A point of central importance regarding this machine is that Bosch has successfully blended an environmentally conscious approach to innovation with a personal touch. This ‘brush free’ mechanism is beneficial in various ways. Firstly, it reduces friction (and thus internal resistance) and therefore reduces the loss of efficiency. This reduction of friction also cuts the excess thermal energy produced to almost 0%. However, as aforementioned, this washing machine is designed for consumers as well. It produces far less noise than conventional devices and has a much longer life (thanks to the reduced mechanical wear and tear of the brush free technology), making it cheaper to run.

Bosch KGN39VL30G Logixx Fridge Freezer
Standing at 2m high, and comprising of two compartments with a total of 344 litres of capacity this fridge freezer is a bit of a monster. However, its size hasn’t affected its EU energy rating as it achieved an A++, the most efficient rating available. One interesting feature in the fridge unit is the ‘crisperbox’ which is the fresh fruit and veg compartment. This section has a custom humidity controller, therefore increasing potential use by dates of those temperamental fresh items (making your weekly shop cheaper also). The ‘chillbox’ at the top of the fridge is the coldest compartment and performs a similar action to the ‘crisperbox’, keeping your fresh meat and fish fresher for longer. Furthermore, this Bosch model is frost free, making it easier for the MultiAirFlow technology to keep the fridge environment cool. Fridge Freezer units which accommodate water and ice dispensers are known to be up to 20% less efficient and this machine has left that function out, but this shouldn’t be seen as a negative as the huge capacity of the fridge allows for plenty of space for storing bottles of drinks and bags or trays of ice.

Bosch WTW86350GB Condenser Tumble Dryer
Tumble dryers are typically one of the most energy thirsty home appliances. The Bosch product however has achieved A-40% energy rating, meaning that it is 40% more efficient than the A standard. With few modern dryers achieving the A rating, this is a real selling point. The noise rating of this machine comes in at 65dB – which put in perspective is relatively quiet (45dB machines are regarded as ‘super silent’). This dryer uses ActiveAir technology to ensure rapid and energy efficient drying. Furthermore, the LC display and progress indication programme significantly increase ease of use, again reminding us that Bosch are keeping the consumer in mind.

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Setting the trend             
Bosch’s approach of designing new and innovative technology that improves the greenness of their products continues to work well for them.  By branding up and patenting this technology, they provide themselves with the ideal vehicle with which to market their domestic appliances.  If other manufacturers are to rival Bosch in terms of competition for the green buck, then they are going to have to take a similar approach.

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