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Thinking about upping and moving to a new office? Is your office starting to look tired? Well, there are many reasons why business owners decide they want to move onto a new office, it could be due to location reasons, costs or simply that the office is too small to be efficient.

Your office may not have enough car parking for your employees and customers or the office may now be in such a bad state that it is a hazard for your staff to work there, or simply you may find that you are not getting enough potential customers walking by.

Any office move can be a stressful period. However if pre-plan and make the correct considerations before you embark on the location change, you will find that the stress will now be minimised.

Grab the Important Files First
A move can become messy, with bits and bobs everywhere and files and papers getting mixed up. This is why it is paramount that any of your more important files and documents are separated early on by you personally. Take them home if you have to and bring them back to the new office when all of the chaos of the move is over with.

Now that you have the important stuff secured at home, you need to start thinking about what should be taken to your office first. The first thing to move would be your office furniture, so that you can get your new office laid out how you would like it.

Next to go should be all the electrical equipment, computers, printers, photocopiers, telephones etc. You can now get them all set up on the already arranged furniture, as you start to see your new office take shape.

There really is nothing worse than just mixing everything up and having furniture and computers everywhere piled up at your new site. A bit of pre-thinking and organisation will allow you to complete this task easily and efficiently.

Hook Everything Up
You are now ready to get your computer network up and running and have everything hooked up to the power, you may have your very own in-house IT team to do this or perhaps you need to get some outside professionals in to do all of this for you.

You are now almost there. You simply just have to bring your important files back to your new office and put them in the required location.

Any planned office move will require you looking at a host of new offices, just to make sure they suit your needs. Hopefully they will come equipped with some good quality carpet tiles, a quality installed suspended ceiling and be well looked after.