Don’t Get Ripped Off- How To Deal With A Door To Door Salesman

Don’t Get Ripped Off- How To Deal With A Door To Door Salesman

When we see a man suited and booted approaching our front door it can often leave us with a feeling of trepidation. Whether it was a planned visit or a cold-call, whether you are interested in the product or not, having a stranger in your home trying to sell you something can be a daunting prospect.

Follow these tips to keep your cool and remain calm and in control;

There are a number of products that door to door salesman try and tout including cosmetics, life assurance, insurance products, utilities, cleaning products as well as UPVC windows and conservatories.  If you are a homeowner and have requested a visit from a salesman, make sure when he arrives, before you let him in that you ask to see some form of ID. However, most legitimate salesman will identify themselves without prompting. If he seems reluctant or unwilling to verify his identity do not let him in.

If it is a cold-call, listen to what the salesman is selling and if you are not interested in the product, politely say thanks but no thanks and close the door.  Do not worry about coming across rude, the salesman is trying to make a living and will not appreciate his time being wasted. You have a right to not want your time wasted either.

During The Sales Pitch
Once the salesman is inside your home, hear him out, listen to the presentation, and decide whether you may be interested in the product or service. Don’t let discounts and buy now pay later offers sway you.  If you know it is not something you would be interested in, be completely honest, thank him for his time and politely but firmly send him on his way. If you are interested, do not make a decision there and then and definitely do not sign anything.

Think About It
Tell the salesman you would like sometime to mull it over, consider the price etc. to be sure you won’t to proceed. An honest salesman will expect this and be more than happy to give you time to think about it and will reschedule a second appointment.  This gives you time to research the company and prices first. Before the salesman leaves, get written confirmation of price, discounts and any guarantees so that if you decide to go ahead at a later date, there is no confusion.

If the salesman takes exception to this, remind him that he is a guest in your home and you are under no obligation by law to buy. If you feel uncomfortable and uneasy at any time, do not hesitate to ask him to leave.

Cooling Off Period
Customers who place an order in their own home are protected by law by a ‘Cooling-off’ period of 7-14 days where you can change your mind and cancel the order with a full refund of any deposits without any questions asked.

This post was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of Stormclad the ethical conservatory and UPVC window suppliers. Photo: Joelk75

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