Don’t Redecorate Your House Before Reading This!

Don’t Redecorate Your House Before Reading This!

If your home decoration starts to look old, drab or even out of fashion, then it’s time to get the professionals in to help you get your home or office redocorated.

Painting and decorators perform very different duties. The decorator sets the overall tone and mood of the room, whilst the painter help to being the room alive with colour.

Although the jobs are technically independent you cannot have one without the other. Some people specialise in both disciplines but they can be few and far between.

What does a decorator do?
A good decorator should be able to advise you on the right look and feel for your project as well as helping you to choose new furniture, (if you decide to go that far).

You should be able to describe the type of result you want and a good decorator will know instantly what you mean. For an example, perhaps you want your living room to have a ‘warm feel’ about it, or maybe you are having your office redecorated and you need to impress your clients with a ‘classy’ look.

They should also help you manage your working budget for the job and should be able to plan out your costs from day one. This is important and saves on nasty surprises later on down the line.

What does a painter do?
This is not a straightforward question to answer as there are really two kinds of painters. One which will just apply primer and perhaps a single coat of paint as instructed by the decorator. The second kind will be able to paint murals or do feux painting jobs.

Once they are onsite it is worth asking them to paint a small patch and let it dry to make sure the colour on the walls, matches the colour in your head.Whatever kind of painter you decide to use for your decoration project, the next step will be for them to come onsite and start getting busy…

Once they get to work and start painting it really doesn’t take very long at all, (depending on the size of your house of course!) It always pays to ask the pain

ter in advance for a rough timescale, that way you can use your energy more efficiently by planning around it.

Have you any painter and decorator experiences to share? If so please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Lee writes for has been a decorator for the past 10 years and blogs for guilty pleasure.

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