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When you move into a dorm you are limited on the space you have to fill with your belongings. Dorm rooms aren’t exactly known for being spacious, and you are probably sharing your room with a roommate. Regardless of how much space you have, here are to dorm room must haves for every college student.

This is basically a college essential. You’ll need this to take notes on, do homework and access course materials. There are campus computer labs you can use, but this is a more convenient options. A laptop also doubles as entertainment for social networking, movie watching and gaming.

Alarm Clock
Rise and shine! When you live in the dorms, you’ll have some long nights and early mornings. A good alarm clock will help you get out of bed on time and be ready for class.

Shower Tote
Even if you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom in your dorm (as opposed to a community bathroom for your floor), you’ll probably be sharing it with roommates. A shower tote is perfect for bringing hygiene items back and forth from your room to the bathroom.

Laundry Bag
Dirty clothes stack up. Keep things contained in a laundry bag or basket. You’ll also need this on laundry day to get your things to the laundry mat and back.

Storage Containers
Depending on the height of your bed and the size of your closet, you may want some plastic storage containers. These will help you maximize any storage space you have and help you keep supplies and personal items organized and safe.

Microwave & Mini Fridge
You might not have a full kitchen in your dorm, but a microwave and mini fridge can be very handy. You can stock up on soda, fresh veggies, frozen snacks and milk so you can prepare a quick meal or a snack without having to leave your room.

Clothes Hangers
Once you get to your dorm and start unpacking, you’ll need something to hang all your clothes on! Bring a few packages of hangers and you’ll be all set in this department.

Personal Decorations
What’s a home without personal touches? Bring posters, pictures, knick-knacks, decorations and anything else that can bring personality to your dorm.

Most dorm rooms don’t come with bedding. Bring at least one set of sheets and pillowcases along with a comforter and extra blanket. After a long day on campus a soft bed will be heaven!

Dishes & Utensils
If you don’t have a kitchen in your room, you probably won’t be eating in every night. But, having a few plates, bowls, glasses and utensils is great for snacks and the meals you are able to prepare in your room.

As you head out to college, keep this checklist on hand. You don’t want to be without any of these dorm room necessities!

Jill Hardy is a writer at, a website that that helps students learn more about colleges, degree pogroms and college courses.