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Fireworks Party

The hardest part of any fireworks party is undoubtedly the organisation and safety aspects attached, specifically around the buying of fireworks.

With that in mind, we put together this quick guide to ensure you stay safe when buying fireworks throughout the rest of this year.

DO: Buy From a Respectable Retailer

Whether you stick to buying from a supermarket who you can be sure are selling a quality product or buy from a well trusted off-licence, the choice is yours. Ultimately, you need to be certain that what you are buying is of sufficient quality and will be safe both for you and anyone who will be attending your display, whether you are holding a public or private display.

If you are buying fireworks online, be sure to check out a website’s safety certificates and credentials before making your purchase.

DON’T: Buy from Markets or Anywhere Else

Often it is the cost of fireworks that can prove prohibitive, however rather than accept that they cannot have a display this year, many people choose to buy fireworks “underground.” If you buy fireworks from a market or a boot sale, for example, you will have no way of dealing with the seller if anything goes wrong. Remember too that they may have purchased an unsafe product and be selling it on unaware of the dangers, so these are best avoided at all costs.

DO: Read Safety Instructions Clearly

Where firework displays often go wrong is that people think, “all fireworks are the same.” Ensure that you know whether the fireworks you are buying are for the purpose you need them for, and that safety instructions are clear and legible. Unclear safety instructions or the lack of them at all is a sure fire sign that they are illegal and probably unsafe, so ensure you take the time to fully read them, if possible before buying.

DON’T: Buy Products With Foreign Packaging

If you do not recognise the writing on the package then you have no idea where those fireworks have came from. More significantly, they could well have come from a country with less stringent fireworks safety guidelines and not have undergone the necessary tests for safety and suitability. Again, you are most likely to encounter this if you are trying to save money, however the real life cost could ultimately be much higher.

The key to buying fireworks safely is to treat them as if you were buying a house or a car. Only buy from a place that you trust, and only part with your money once you are certain a product will deliver what you want and is 100% safe.

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