Do’s And Don’ts Of Fall Fashion

Do’s And Don’ts Of Fall Fashion

Fall is in full swing, which usually means warm jackets, lots of layers and the sweet smell of pumpkin spice floating through the air. This season is full of surprises with new colors, fashion ideas, and health advice; we rallied the experts to bring you the best of fall fashion finds. Here are the do’s and don’ts of this season’s fall fashion.

Chunky Scarfs
This season, the chunkier you can get your scarfs, the better. At least when it comes to scarfs. Knit scarfs are in style this season and multiple layers are the way to wear them. You can put your chunky scarf with any outfit. Tights with a blouse, a fall sleek dress or even jeans and a tank top. However you match your scarf, the chunky texture will add depth and volume to your look.

Load Up on Accessories
Accessories are in style this season. Bracelets layered on the arm with multiple shapes are the look this year. Many people are pairing bracelets with watches and chunky rings. The layered look extends to accessories this year, don’t be shy, the more you wear on your arm, the more in style you will be.

Smokey Purple Eyes
This fall is a time for pumping up the color in your eyes. You can add a dramatic look by adding a little extra eye shadow above your eyes. The smokey purples are blazing their way down the runway. You can match this signature style by using 3 to 4 signature purple shades. Start at the eyelid and extend upward. Blend in the colors gracefully for an ultimate smoky look. You can mix a soft pastel shade with a deeper rich purple. The color combination will add sweet drama to your eyes and help you feel more put together and confident.

It may seem silly but the easiest way to look your best is to smile. A Smile is free and it truly does make the best accessory. Sometimes people are worried about their appearance and their smile because they have crocked teeth, bad breath or plaque build up. If you relate then you can visit your dentist for a cleaning. They can help you get a stylish smile so you feel more confident.

Smiling is one of the best things to pair with any outfit. Fashion runway models are picking up on the secrets of feeling good and starting to smile more on the catwalk. If you want to feel better from the inside out, a gentle smile is the easiest way to brighten your day.

For more information about being confident with a beautiful smile visit Tigard Family Dental, a Dentist in Tigard, OR. Shannon Kaiser is a writer for the health community in Oregon.

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