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Drop Your Phone And Get A Professional To Take Your Picture

While cell phones have had the ability to take photos for years now, picture-taking with your cell phone has become much more advanced. You don’t have to worry about the lights being off since phones have a flash, and if you want to make sure you look good before you snap the photo, simply press the reverse button so you can see yourself. Also, with different phone apps, you can easily adjust the shade and lighting of a photo as well as crop it and add a border.

Thanks to cell phones today, with just a few simple clicks on your phone you have yourself an advanced and more professional looking photo. And since it’s on your phone, you can instantly share it on Facebook and other social media sites, and visit the nearest store with a photo department to print out your photos.

While the camera on your phone may be a convenient tool to take a quick spur-of-the-moment shot while out with your friends, or to update your Facebook profile picture, phones don’t offer the knowledge and experience that a professional portrait studio can. Although you may be skeptical about studio portraits because of prices, you can conveniently search online for nearby portrait studios and compare prices. Believe it or not, most studios are cheaper than you’d think.

Also, remember that studios offer more than just an advanced camera. Professional portrait studios have a team of specially trained makeup artists who will properly apply your makeup, and choose the best colors and shades that suit your skin tone and outfit. Although you may know how to do your own makeup, makeup artists are not only equipped with the necessary products and tools, but they’ve also practiced on countless others, so they know what looks best.

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In addition to makeup, artists will also style your hair to give it a look that expresses and flaunts your style and appearance. This is especially helpful for the days you don’t want to set aside the extra time to style your hair, or if you’re having a bad hair day. These stylists have the tools and products to not only give your hair style, but products that will help the style last without damaging your hair.

While makeup and hair are important in the photo shoot process, next comes posing for the camera. A professional portrait studio will not just tell you but show you how to pose. Also, while you pose, you don’t have to worry about what’s behind you. A professional studio can easily pull down a background or add props to your photo if you’d like to.

Although phones may offer you the convenience of taking a picture on the go, professional photos won’t leave you disappointed. If you want to walk out of a photo shoot with no complaint, visit a Glamour Shots location today.

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