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Do you or don’t you return?

Having organised a number of incentives to Dubai, clients have never come away disappointed – but would they want to go back?  Is there enough on offer to attract them back a second time?

There is no doubt about it that Dubai offers an incomparable range of hotels, most of which are 5 star or 5 star plus offering first class conference and meeting facilities, excellent service and almost guaranteed weather.  For incentives, which are typically 3 to 5 nights maximum what can you do that might attract a return incentive?

  1. The Dhow Cruise.  Floating down the Creek on a beautiful original wooden Dhow, decked with fairy lights, serving sumptious Arabic food, combining the views of the stunning 21st century skyline on the banks of the Creek and the simplicity of a bygone era.  Would you do it again?  Very memorable, but perhaps not.
  2. Shopping.  The myriad of Souks offers an enormous range of gold, silver, artefacts and millions of pashminas of varying quality as well as the top designer boutiques.  If you ‘shop’ with a guide, you will be able to fit in all of these by visiting the Dubai Mall which has a shopping festival in January & February, the Mall of the Emirates (where you can shop and ski!) and the myriad of souqs where you get a real feel for the culture and where you will ‘haggle’ to get the best price – for both you and the merchant.  Would you do it again?  Definitely, as there are so many different ones to try.
  3. Dune Bashing.  This is a ‘got to be done’ experience.  When your delegates leave the hotel to be met by a caravan of white gleaming 4 x 4 jeeps, all lined up waiting to take them into the desert, you certainly get a great intake of breath.  It takes about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic, to reach the dunes.  It is hot!  But the jeeps are air conditioned and your delegates will not forget the roller coaster ride which ends at the entrance to a Bedouin camp where they will be fed and entertained by Arabic music and belly dancers.  Would you do it again?  Probably not, as you can never repeat a great experience…..
  4. 4.       Golf.  With so many stunning and challenging golf course in Dubai, if your delegates are golf fanatics – they will definitely return again…..

So, having filled a typical four-day incentive by the above, is there anything left to do in Dubai which is worth returning for?  Without a doubt…. Loads!

Helicopter flips, swimming with dolphins, catamaran cruises, visit to the Burj Khalifa, afternoon tea at the Burj Al Arab, Hot air Balloon Ride over the desert, tour to the East Coast by Orient Express.

The answer – definitely yes, budget permitting you will be back to Dubai.

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