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Easy Self-Storage Tips

If you already have an experience in renting out a storage space from a self-storage facility, you may know how packing and storing things can be a little difficult and frustrating.

It’s important to plan how to pack your belongings in an efficient way before you head out to your storage facility. You cannot just stuff your things inside a box and leave them disorganised—in the end, it’s always going to be you who’s going to clean up the mess after all. If you are planning on renting out a storage space from a storage facility, it’s best to read these tips on how to get ready and store your belongings inside a storage facility.

Plan, plan, plan

We all know how planning can be beneficial to successful results when it comes to storing your goods and important belongings. Making a list is important—be sure that you have everything you need. A good list for storing materials would include bubble wrap, rope, rags, furniture covers, polyurethane sheeting, tape, and boxes.

Maximise your space

Making the most out of your storage space will of course do you good, because you can place additional items. You can do this by disassembling some parts of your belongings: for example, you can remove the bedframe off your bed if it can be detached, or you can also disassemble woodwork, too. Maximising your storage space will also allow you to create a clear, accessible path that you can walk through with ease inside your storage space.

Packing up and storing your things effectively and efficiently

Of course we want our things to be secured at all times when being stored. This is the reason why you should learn how to pack your belongings in a way that protects them from damage and wear and tear while being stored.

Remember to not overfill containers. You don’t want your items spilling on the floor, creating clutter and wasted space. Labeling always helps—it’s not rocket science. Make your life easier by creating tags on boxes so you can use it as reference should you need to go over your items inside your storage space.

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Heavy yet small items such as books and CDs should be placed in smaller boxes. Remember to put fragile items on top of your container so the risk of it breaking or getting damaged will be lessened.

For additional protection, you should put bubble wrap or a plastic drop cloth under the container of your most fragile possessions. Lastly, know how to organise your storage space. Shelving helps make your storage space look decent and clutter-free. This makes it possible for you to create more spaces as well inside your storage unit.

Get ready!

Now that you know the basics of packing and storing your belongings in your storage unit, it’s time to visit your local storage facility for that extra room! It’s always better to be ready and organised, we are sure that you’ll benefit from it at the end of the day.

Mark last rented a self storage unit from www.kiwistorage.co.uk, and was impressed by the amount of stuff he could fit in with a bit of planning.

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