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If you are tired of how your home looks, then you might be considering moving into one that’s larger and nicer. Unfortunately, you may not be able to sell your existing home. The good news is that you don’t have to move to enjoy a more attractive home. With these easy tips, you can redesign any room in your home and make it more attractive.

Clear out the Clutter
The first and most important step is to get rid of the clutter. You will be amazed at how much larger any room feels when you simply take out the stuff that doesn’t belong. Start with the obvious trash because that’s the easiest to get rid of. Next, take the items you don’t want that are still functional and put them in a box. You can either donate them to charity, or you can put a message out on your favorite social media site that you are giving the items away. This way, your friends can enjoy the music you no longer listen to, and they might even want the collectibles you’ve grown tired of. Another option is to sell the items through an online site or at a garage sale. As you work, take items you are keeping and find homes for them. With the room cleared of clutter, it will instantly feel bigger and more welcoming. You are now ready to proceed to step two.

A Fresh Coat of Paint
With the clutter cleared out, you will be amazed at how large the room looks and how dirty the walls are. A fresh coat of paint will make the room feel like new. If you are keeping the same furniture, then take inspiration for paint color from the furnishings. Another option is to buy new draperies you love and pull a color from the drapery pattern. Pull the furniture to the middle of the room and paint the walls to update the look and give it a clean feeling you will love.

Rearrange the Furniture
Any furniture arrangement can get old. Move the furniture around, shake things up and make your room feel wonderful and new again. Even if the TV is mounted to the wall and difficult to move, you can still move the furniture around to change the look.

Time for your Favorite Accessories
Put a new piece of artwork on the wall, or set out a few of your favorite new accessories. It’s important to keep the space open by limiting the number of decorative accents, but this is your chance to show off your favorite new pieces that were hidden by the clutter.

With a good clearing, cleaning and rearranging, you can make any room feel brand new. Hang fresh curtains to change the style and invest in new accessories to update the atmosphere. You don’t have to settle for the same boring room, and you don’t have to buy a new house. With these easy steps, you can enjoy a fresh, clean room

This post was provided by Katarina Hastings, a home designer with over 7 years experience. She recommends to declutter before starting a project. She has used Joey’s Junk for their excellent junk removal Vancouver.