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The main concept of nursery wall decals is to make art easy. Wall painting is a great idea too but it’s probably not a do-it-yourself task, unless you’re a professional painter. But with wall decals, all you have to do is to peel and stick. It’s very easy and fun to do that you and your children can enjoy doing it together. You can just stick it randomly on the walls as there are no fast rules as to which particular part of the walls are you going to put the decals. Typically, children most especially toddlers are very observant with their surroundings, because it’s the stage in which they develop curiosity. For that, why not make your kid’s room a place where he or she can hone his mind?

The idea of educational nursery wall decals is very basic; it won’t teach the children any words until you as a guardian will give voice to them. It will also help children familiarize the images portrayed by the decals making it a lot easier for your kid/s to learn them even before they attend formal schooling.
Some of the best ideas are letters and numbers wall decals because these are the things that your children should learn first. You can just point out the A, B and C’s on the wall as your child is watching. You should sing the alphabet song at the same time rather than just reciting the letters one by one. You can also teach your child numbers using nursery decals.

Aside from letters and numbers are animals which can also be a great idea. You can choose the decals with images of animals such as lion, pig, monkey, chicken, duck and a whole lot more. You might also want to choose themes such as wildlife or farm. You can do the sound of animals as your child point or look at them.
Who said wall decals are just meant for the walls? You can also put them on the ceiling and the perfect idea is the celestial view. You can put planets, the stars, the moon the sun and even the asteroids. You may also fill half of the ceiling with the celestial view in the morning while the other half is for the night. This way, your child can learn the difference between night and day as he looks up.

Basic shapes are also great. You can have them in different colors to make them more appealing in the eyes of your children. You are not just teaching your child the shapes, you can also teach them colors at the same time.

Indeed, educational nursery wall decals are helpful as they can support your child’s developing mind. Although you can put the decals randomly on the wall, you might also consider applying different concepts on each side of the walls. For example -you can put letters and numbers on one side, then animals on the opposite side, shapes and colors to another side while fruits, vegetables or flowers on the other side and the celestial view up on the ceiling. The color of the walls should allow the decals to stand out so your child can easily see them. The best color for the walls is yellow which is said to be the color that enhances intelligence among children.