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Acne is usually caused by consuming the wrong food and by the hormonal imbalance. In majority of the cases incorrect food problems leads to severity of acne. Consuming oily food, junk food, or the food which has more meat can intensify your acne problems.

While it’s important to know what not to eat, it’s equally important to know what to eat so that you prevent those acnes from bloating up your skin.

Skin shows it all!
“Your skin is what you eat” if you immerse this thought into your system, you can mind every meal of yours. Healthy eating habits are sure to benefit you and your skin whereas dependence on street food and junk food can harm your skin and appearance.

The Do’s and Dont’s of eating your food:

Stay miles away from oil
Oily food increases acne. Use as little oil in cooking as possible. Cook your food properly and do not over-cook your vegetables. Over-cooking usually takes away the nutrients from the food.

Deep frying – a complete No
Just because you are allowed to have home food does not mean you can have deep-fried food made at home. Don’t cheat as your skin will definitely show it up. You can opt for smarter techniques of cooking food. Shallow fry or bake your food wherever possible. Reduce your oil intake and keep a watch on it.

Fruits are truly fruitful
The more fruits you eat, the more your skin will glow. Eat apples, bananas, watermelon, orange, coconut water, peach, pears and all seasonal fruits on a daily basis. A fruit diet can detoxify your system and give you an admirable skin.

Moderation is the key
Eating too much of anything can also be harmful for your skin. Have everything in moderation to keep you skin gleaming.

Nature’s healing
The natural food heals acne and also prevents them from erupting on your skin. Use holy basil, turmeric, nutmeg in your daily food and bring back that flawless skin.

Natural masks
You can quickly make homemade masks using fruit extracts, lime drops, rose water and let it remain on your skin for 15-20 minutes. Doing this on a daily basis can give miraculous results. Papaya masks are also very good for skin.

Stay away from vices
Alcohol, beer, smoking, and having hukkas are all very harmful for your skin. Your over-all health takes a toll if you become a victim of these vices. Say no to them and lead a more healthy life. This will also show on your skin.

Brown works better
Use whole wheat bread instead of white bread. Using brown rice is a healthier option than the white rice.

Sugary foods can be a killer
Foods high in sugar content should be avoided. Try making a low – calorie fresh dessert instead of bingeing on pastries, doughnuts, pies and brownies. High amount of sugar intake in your body increases the fat and it eventually also shows on your skin.

Healthy eating habits, eating in moderation, right cooking techniques and avoiding junk food are sure shot ways to control acne. But the perfect way is to take guidance of a dermatologist and then follow a healthy routine for best results.

The author has authored articles for Uricaria She has also written many articles for health especially weight loss, acne treatment, hair fall control etc.