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Electrical Safety At WorkplaceBased on various electrical incident investigations and surveys conducted in the workplace and corporate electricity safety it has been observed that there are many controls and errors that result in an accident or harm. It’s a collective result of various persons, events and controls.

Using various electrical safety accessories and protective clothing will help the employees from major hazards, fires, risks and accidents. First aid drill and electrical safety training sessions will also help the employees to know the dangers, signs, and symptoms of various electrical hazards.

As every employer thinks to protect their employees from various hazards in their workplace or industry for their benefit and for the well being of their workers. Various training classes and investigation experiences will help them gain knowledge and an overall view of what exactly the result will be and how they can overcome from such dangerous situations. These sessions and real experiences will help the employees to set some directions, steps, and actions that to be followed in such adverse situations and help others too in such dangerous conditions.

After the study of various real-time incidents the statistics were very worried and surprising. These experiences will help people to set the basic and standard safety measures that to be implemented for their and others safety. There are practices following which you can eliminate or reduce the dangers caused by electrical hazards:

  1. Using insulating gloves, various tools and checking for the absence of current or voltage while working or touching the circuit parts or wires will help you from avoiding Electrocution
  2. Keep margins for shock protection and arc flash in the workplace while entering the high voltage equipment areas or transformers
  3. Standards and precautions should always be followed while addressing some heavy electrical devices and to avoid major and serious electrical dangers
  4. Protective cloths should be worn while working to avoid the electric arc flash which may cause second degree burns if the skin is not protected
  5. Its necessity to wear a helmet, face mask, arch protection and flame resistant wear to protect the body from burns
  6. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) plays a major role for protection. As the human body is a very good conductor of electricity, it is suggested to wear persons who handle the tools, cords and plugs should wear leather gloves for protection
  7. Whenever it is possible create a feasible and safe work condition while working on heavy electrical devices and instruments
  8. Adopting or wearing adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to create a safety work condition and reduce the effects of exposure
  9. Recognize the highest danger levels and implement the best suited safety and controls to minimize the risks
  10. Regularly inspect, implement and follow the electrical safety methods in the workplace to ensure safety at work.
  11. Practicing, implementing and following the safety methods and processes will make your working environment and place safe you you and your subordinates. If you have further queries or need more information, contact Emergency Electrician.

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