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Electrical Safety In The Office

Every office run business requires electricity in order for everyone to get on with their day to day job and most of the time the last thing everyone thinks about is electrical safety. Employers hold responsibility to ensure that all health and safety regulations are in place but employees not only have to adhere to these regulations they also have to enforce them to maintain the safety of everyone.

Here are some very important electrical safety tips for the office.

Loose wires

Never should loose wires be left to fun along the flooring or hang from the ceiling. Cable protectors should be used to stop people tripping over wires. Where cables run along the ceiling or walls, trunking should be used to keep them together and out of the way. Not only is this a safety tip but it will also help to make your office look tidier.


Most offices have computers that are switched on almost all of the time. It is important not to let the computers overheat. To ensure that the modem does not overheat make sure that there is sufficient ventilation and that it is not blocked in by desks.

Water and Drinks

If you have water or drinks dispensers ensure that it is not sitting directly next to electrical equipment. Any leakage from the dispenser can get into the electrical circuit and cause electric shock.

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When sitting with drinks on the desk place them out of the way so you cannot knock them over.

Socket Overload

With so much electrical equipment in one place it is often the case that sockets get stacked with extension leads and extension plugs. Check with the electrical store the correct voltage you require for the electrical output in your office so you do not result with a power surge.  

Importing Electrical Equipment

Often we want the best equipment we can for our money which is understandable. However when importing electrical equipment it is vital that they have been tested and have passed the essential safety requirements as set out by law. One way in which you can check this is to ensure that the product is CE marked. This is a symbol that will be affixed the electrical item and is proof that the product conforms to European standards.

Electrical Failure

If you are unfortunate to have an item of electrical equipment break down then it is important to get it fixed by someone qualified to do so. A member of staff may claim they know how to fix it but allowing them to do so is putting their health and safety at risk. A professional electrician will be able to fix the machine safely.

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