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It’s that time of year when people are starting to think about ideas for gifts for Christmas. Although it’s still early if they find an appropriate gift many people will go ahead and purchase now. It is important not to miss out on people buying gifts for the Christmas period from this time on. Stay ahead of the game and read these tips for marketing by email for the holiday period.

Work on the look and content of your emails

It is important that your emails that go into a subscribers inbox with sometimes hundreds of others are noticed and catch people’s attention. How they look and what they contain makes a big difference. Here are a couple of ideas to make people engage with your emails

– Add flare to your templates

This time of year for you to get really creative with your email marketing. Think of something a bit different for the holiday period which will really attract attention. Catching peoples eye means they are more likely to engage and make that important click through to purchase.

– Have special offers and deals

As the holidays get closer send out lots of special offers and deals. For example coupons for gifts that are targeted at certain family members, or friends, will attract   attention. Subscribers will be happy that you have helped with ideas and they will appreciate that the work of searching for a suitable gift has been done for them.

Get mobile and get social

In today’s world of mobile devices and social networks it is important to stay ahead with these with regard to your email marketing. Most of your potential customers probably have a mobile and similarly the majority will probably be part of some sort of social network. Optimising your marketing for these is vital.

– Mobile marketing

Mobiles are enabling people to make purchases while out and about and away from home. Greater and greater numbers of people are taking advantage of this and purchasing items using their mobile devices. You can be certain that they will be doing this for Christmas gifts as well, so it is vital that your emails and website are optimised for the mobile.

– Get Social

Just about everyone is part of some sort of social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even the rapidly growing Pinterest. Having a presence on these sites is important if you want to take advantage of every marketing opportunity available. Make sure links in your emails direct users towards your profile on these sites.

So the overarching message to every email marketeers this Christmas, is to make sure they are keeping up with the times. Ensure you make the best use of your emails over the holiday period, spending some time making them look top knotch, and take advantage of the opportunities afforded by mobile and social networking technology to spread your Christmas message beyond the limits of your own mailing list.

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